From Angelina Jolie to Rihanna, stars reveal their most special bed preferences

Have you ever wondered what VIPs love in bed? This is what they reveal: that’s all the juicy details

For several years now, sex has ceased to be a taboo. We talk about it openly, discussing various sexual preferences among friends, and also approaching the knowledge of practices that have been ignored so far. Fetishism and sadomasochism have always existed, but only now they are no longer viewed with a negative look, but rather, they express curiosity and make you want to try new experiences.

VIP sexuality
Bed preferences of the most famous VIPs –

Like any mere mortal, even Hollywood stars and not only have sexual preferencesthat we never thought we knew. Precisely because the world has changed and society is more accepting of sexuality and erotic fantasies, even VIPs have exposed themselves by offering us various sensations about their sex lives.

Sexual life of VIPs and their erotic fantasies

From the most common sexual fantasies to the rarest and bizarre, actors, singers and showbiz personalities have revealed theirs. We are very curious to know the erotic preferences of our idols that we follow and watch on TV. Here are the reviews of the most famous international stars in the world. From From Angelina Jolie to Rihanna to James Francowe imagine their sexuality, no longer hidden.

Sexy Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera, bed preferences – credits: Ansa –

Let’s start with a famous singer known for songs like Candyman AND lady marmalade: Christina Aguilera. The woman claimed to be an expert on fetish equipment.

Bye, Nick Lachey, a singer and actor from the USA, admitted that he likes to wear his wife Jessica Simpson’s shoes; a game they both enjoy.

Let’s go to the family Kardashian, Khloeentrepreneur and broadcaster, in the documentary series “Keep up with the Kardashians“, she went to a sex shop. The woman was looking for a dress to make the bed experience even hotter.

Dave Navarrofamous musician who was remembered for playing with red hot chili peppersadmitted to using his guitar straps to practice bondage.

VIP bed preferences
Ricky Martin what he likes to do in bed – credits: Ansa –

Very famous Latin American singer, creator I live in a kind of loca, Ricky Martin stated that he loves the practice of golden rain. Suppose that even in bed he practices vida loca.

James Franco, on the other hand, has a strange fixation on rabbits, he said they turn him on sometimes. This is a very strange sexual fantasy.

Singer RihannaFrom Rude boy AND Umbrellasadmitted that she experiences pleasure and pleasure when she is submissive in bed.

Angelina JolieThe beautiful and fantastic actress admitted that she was involved in very dangerous sex games in her first relationship, but, unfortunately, did not reveal any details.

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