From Assassin to Maestro: Netflix in Venice 80 with a winning combination

Five films, five great auteurs, a groundbreaking set of exceptional protagonists and promising cinematic quality: Netflix is ​​playing all-in at the Venice International Film Festival this year as it prepares to pave the way for awards season.

From Assassin to Maestro: Netflix in Venice 80 with a winning combination

Love story between Venice International Film Festival AND Netflix it has been going on for six years now, and after an initial moment of tension, it continues today better than ever. It was 2018 when the streaming giant bought international distribution rights Rome Alfonso Carona, presenting it at the world premiere and at the competition right on the Lido along with The Ballad of Buster Scruggs the Coen brothers and others July 22 Paul Greengrass. Although it was Rome win the Golden Lion for Best Review Film and then repeat it in Toronto and New York and let Netflix win its first and coveted movie award.

Rome Alfonso Cuaron

Rome, promo image of Cuarón’s film.

The problem arose when the film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture that same year, drawing criticism from directors such as Steven Spielberg and opening up a real media case in America over its eligibility for the awards season due to limited theatrical release.has been completely designed for home viewing“. The controversy between cinemas and streaming began just six years ago, with the latter being cited as a major cause of the destruction of the film community’s experience and the disruption of the sector. A debate that continues today, albeit in a different format. form, with the Cannes Film Festival, led by the first Thierry Frémaux and an ardent opponent of streaming productions, and with Venice Alberto Barbera instead, she is a strong and astute supporter of the same, above all Netflix, so much so that this year she will be revisiting the beauty of Hastings platform’s five feature films among the most anticipated and important season.

Film form

Mank 5

Mank: scene from the film with Gary Oldman

While Cannes tends to discriminate against big streaming productions, Venice welcomes them, embraces them and openly promotes them, preferring to adapt to a hybrid form of cinema designed for both big and small screens, and preferring substantive judgments to prejudices and attitudes. Minus extensive discounts, full “title basketNecessary to meet the needs of casual audiences and attract subscribers and funding, Netflix has been at the forefront of awards season for years with great films made by great writers and starring great actors. Beyond Rome, we can think of Pieces of a woman Cornel Mundrusco, Munk David Fincher oa History of one marriage Noah Baumbach. Titles with a deep and refined author’s and parody-independent bias, which deservedly captivated critics and viewers, many of which were presented in a super preview right on the Lido.

Marriage history

Marriage Story: Nicole and Charlie Profiles

The tradition, so to speak, comes from the fact that Barbero and Netflix itself in no way want (and cannot) give up, and therefore, from a maximum of four films presented at the event, the 80 edition of Venice will enjoy the presence. at least five Netflix original feature films. In short, never like this year has Venice demonstrated its undying love for the streaming giant, which, despite the troubled SAG-AFTRA strike, guaranteed the participation of films in the Festival even in the absence of promotion led by stars of the caliber Michael FassbenderTilda Swinton, Bradley Cooper, Matt Boomer Carey Mulligan, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sir. Ben Kingsey (although the English translators might have taken part in the review if they were members of the British rather than the American union).

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Dream Quintet

Killer 2

Killer: Michael Fassbender during a scene from the movie

We talked about the quality of the games featured at the Lido, and 2023 will be no less. The first and most highly anticipated color card in Netflix’s hands is certainly David Fincher’s The Killer, which sees one of the modern psychological thriller’s greatest masters return to its beloved and reference genre, effectively crafting a cinematic based on the French graphic novel. At the competition, he could win the favor of juries like Martin McDonagh and Gabriele Mainetti, who are fond of genre sensibilities and certainly fans of Fincher’s cinema. In the official competition, we also find the intriguing and daring “El Conde” by Pablo Larraín, now a regular at the Lido, where he presented all his latest works, from Jackie from Natalie Portman to Spencer with Kristen Stewart just two years ago. Talented and sophisticated female director, El Conde Larren gives himself to the blackest, most inventive and creative satire, mixing together elements Dracula Bram Stoker to an expressionist black-and-white photograph to imagine the vampire Augusto Pinochet who never died, but who, however, chooses to die because of the dishonor prepared for him. Also playing with the current Barbie mania, the promotion uses a shocking pink in the poster and trailer, creating a nice chromatic contrast with the production’s neutral base. Among other things, it will be released on Netflix on September 15th. Needless to say, Damien Chazelle, Jane Campion and Santiago Mitre as members of the jury could fall madly in love with the project.

El Conde

El Conde: still from Netflix movie Pablo Larraín

Then he moves on to snow companySpanish-Chilean-Uruguayan survival thriller film directed by Juan Antonio Baiona and based on the true story of the 1972 Andes plane crash. Everest Baltasar Cormacour, Baiona has assembled a mixed cast of mostly unknown Chilean and Uruguayan performers, some of whom even made their first film appearances. Something new and interesting for the author Impossible AND Seven minutes after midnightof course, a small and bold project, not the last of his participation in huge Hollywood productions between film and television. snow company will be submitted out of competition, as will a 37-minute short film by Wes Anderson, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. Based on the short story of the same name by Roald Dahl, the short film is played by an exceptional cast led by Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as Ralph Fiennes, Sir Ben Kingsey, Dev Patel and Rupert Friend. A bright and joyful event that will bring emotions and carelessness to the Lido and which may even win an Oscar in the reference category. Last but not least, and truly the most promising of all, Bradley Cooper’s Maestro, the actor, director and producer’s second original work and second time on the beach after his 2018 success. A star is born.

Master 2

Maestro: photo of Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper

Back behind the camera, Cooper demonstrates his interest in sentimental drama and indeed confirms it as the maxim of his auteur cinema (he also wrote and produced the project), however determined to tell the true story of the intense but troubled love between the legendary composer Leonard Bernstein and Felicia Montealegre. What emerges from the trailer is a mature and sophisticated take on the story, with important cinematic features and character composition that could lead Cooper to earn his first Oscar nomination for Best Director. Along with Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer and Martin Scorsese’s The Flower Moon Killers, the Maestro is now a favorite quote for the Oscar-winning hoard, telling not only about one of the greatest authorities in the world of musical composition, but also about a story of tender intimacy. spanning a whole century. It’s right Owner can imitate Rome and once again cement the love between Lido and Netflix?

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