From ‘Better Call Saul’ to ‘New Girl,’ Some Stars Are Auctioning Off Prizes to Help Crew Members Affected by Workouts | TV

Some stars of popular TV series such as Better Call Saul AND New girl are auctioning off unique prizes in support of crew members affected by the ongoing strikes. Protests organized by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA against the studios are centered on demands for higher wages, residual streaming rights, writers’ rooms and regulation of artificial intelligence in the film and television industry. The eBay auction was organized by Coalition of Trade Union Solidarity and offers prizes including dinner with Bob Odenkirk AND David CrossZoom video calls with stars Manifesto and meeting with the main cast New girl. All proceeds will go to the health fund for the injured crew members.

The writers’ strike has now been going on for 135 days, and the actors’ strike began 61 days ago. All proceeds from the auction will go towards a health fund for crew members whose benefits are at risk due to the length of the strikes.

An eBay auction shows that writers and actors need financial support to continue their strike against AMPTP studios. Beyond this latest auction and donations from non-union supporters, the big players have also become a key source of financial support. Hollywood stars who have donated a million dollars or more to support the actors’ strike include Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo DiCaprio AND Hugh Jackman.

The writers’ and actors’ strike has also had a major impact on AMPTP studios, who are no longer able to promote future films in the industry. This has led to changes in the release dates of films such as Dune: Part Two, which was moved to March 2024, and The Contenders, which was moved to April 2024. This studio strategy is based on the hope that the strikes will end when these big releases hit theaters.

While support for the Hollywood strikes continues, the latest auction suggests that both strikes could drag on for a significant period. Until good faith negotiations begin between the striking unions and the AMPTP, it appears neither side will make progress. However, the rewards offered by the stars of Better Call Saul and New Girl could provide significant support to strikers, allowing them to continue without worrying about health care.

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Actors’ strike: latest news

Actors’ strike: latest news

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