From Brown ask to cancel daylight saving time in Mexico by COVID-19


If the conversation about a possible cancellation of daylight saving time didn’t come stumbling from months ago, now senator Brown, Americo Villareal proposed the change of hours scheduled for this April 5th is cancelled, as it could, he says, lead to susceptibility to diseases.

The document submitted does not mean that the Senate has the ability to delay the schedule change, but that is an urge Board of Health, which was formed as a result of the pandemic, and which decreed the health emergency in all of Mexico.

The proposal no claim that daylight saving time is canceled permanentlybut that is to be suspended solely by reason of the COVID-19. Argues that the adaptation to another time zone causes “extreme fatigue” and “stress”, mainly undesirable in these moments. The text of senator Hours emphasizes that the agency would not meet in these moments easily in the summer time, due to the current stress, which would cause the increase of vulnerability to diseases.

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The board of health is extraordinary. It was formed as a result of the pandemic, and reports directly to the president

While it is true that some studies have been facts about how the time change affects circadian cyclesthe results are still not conclusive. No study robust has been made particularly in Mexico.

The document continues by explaining that the implementation of the schedule change could even “to be opposed to“with the measures recommended by the WHOas to extend the hours of light useful, “increase wake time“.

The proposal may not be voted on by the entire Senate, as at this time is suspended on the occasion of the declaration of emergency. The lists of proposals continues to be spread to be sent to all senators. Any way, the president López Obrador hto that commissioned by the Secretariat of Energy, an analysis on the benefits of the schedule change, whose results would be known “in a few days“.

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