From Cardi B to Baby K. This is how the relationship between the public and celebrities has changed

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From Cardi B to Baby K. This is how the relationship between the public and celebrities has changed

Antonio Gurrado

People started to flip the stereotypes and instead of aiming for a celebrity to touch them miraculously, they began to aim for a touch of a celebrity.

Seems like the last one was Baby K., the pseudonym of the Italian rapper Claudia Judith Nahum, one of the Roma-Bangkok singles that struck a fan after a concert in Teramo. Not long before this, it was Cardi B, (must be a weird alphabet mania among pop stars), to which a fan splashed beer in the face during the concert: not for a futuristic riot, but in accordance with the fashion of the moment when fans most often take to the stage disparate objects, even a sex toy or mother’s ashes. There is the singer who comes out with a black eye, the one who gets angry and rants, the one who threatens to shoot the crowd with blanks; however, whatever the reaction, it is clear that the relationship between the public and celebrities is changing.

In ancient times, the public was content with the appearance of a celebrity in the aura.being in the background of a shot or a specific lighter (not that one, that other one, on the left, a little higher), which swayed to the sound of music. Then, with the help of social media, the public fooled themselves into talking to a celebrity., liking photos and posting stupid comments, receiving on very rare occasions the honor of a thumbs up or the knightly investiture of mutual following. The celebrity has become part of the family, always near and at hand thanks to the mobile phone. Then someone must have realized that celebrities, right, don’t give a damn about the public: if someone in the public was really interesting, he would be a celebrity. Because of this people started flipping patterns and instead of aiming to be magically touched by a celebrity, they started to strive to touch a celebrity, whether through beer, a sex toy, or mom’s ashes. Fortunately, it will soon be possible to replace celebrities at events with holograms and artificial intelligence to restore distance from the public, forced to attend in person instead, while celebrities sit blissfully at home drinking beer or minding their own business. I don’t know about the sex toys or the mother’s ashes that someone threw on the stage in ancient times.

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