From chills to fatal hepatic necrosis

orEveryday situations like preparing rice and keeping it at room temperature can lead to serious health problems.he explained it like this Dr. Esteban Contreras Through his TiTok account, he has nearly 800,000 followers on the account. The doctor also appeared on Radio W’s “Salud y Algo Más” program, Commented on the unintended consequences of taking rice out of the fridge after cooking.

not refrigerated When more than 60 minutes had elapsed, a cell called “Bacillus cereus” appeared on the cereal.. As the doctor explained, even if you reheat the rice, the presence of these microorganisms will not disappear at high temperature because they are heat stable.

some bacteria that may cause death

These bacteria may also be present in other foods such as vegetables, flour, liquid eggs or milk, so Considered one of the leading causes of food poisoning. Their role in this field leads primarily to: “Classic pictures of gastroenteritis”According to Esteban Contreras.

Some people ignore the first symptoms to show up later “Fever pictures, chills, or tachycardia”, becoming the affected body organ.This will result in liver necrosis and may end in death.

A few years ago, a Belgian student had such a fatal accident with a plate of five-day-old pasta in his hand.. After just 30 minutes, he began to experience severe abdominal pain, which led to diarrhea and vomiting.His decision not to go to the doctor resulted in the next morning Found dead in bed with his stomach stopped functioning and evidence of acute pancreatitis. This death reminds us to be careful about consuming such unrefrigerated products.

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