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His closest environment knows him as Lautaro Catalán, a 19-year-old young man who was born in the city of Trelew, and most of his childhood lived in his father’s house, located in the “Las 1000 Viviendas” neighborhood, where he came to his ears from Leo Mattioli to Daddy Yankee, and his movie, “Talento de Barrio”, was repeated in a loop on the DVD player.

Now that he’s developing as an artist (and he’s homeless) Panther is a rising music star. His music is all the rage on social media. Some of his videos reached millions of views on YouTube and he is heading to be a reference of national music, but very Patagonian.

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He has 72 thousand subscribers on YouTube and another 29 thousand on Instagram.. Two of his videos, “Bamboo” and “I’m good”, already exceed 2 million views on YouTube. He himself is surprised to discover the growth he had in such a short time. “It’s crazy,” he says. “I don’t realize it around there, but thank God we are making people more active and listen to us,” he said in an interview with Jornada Play.

Without references or anyone to turn to for advice, he managed to achieve a musical impact and reach the general public. “What cost me the most was the process”, bill. “I had no one to ask because no one was living what was happening to me. It was difficult to spend it alone, I am young and I think everything happens through energy. I try to convey a lot in my music and that makes people feel good and enjoy it ”.

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Many of his videos are produced in emblematic settings in the Treleva area. One of them occurs on the Hendre Bridge, another in the center, and its star video, Bambú, is filmed in the waters of Playa Garipe, north of Puerto Madryn.

Panther has a melodic style. “My songs are love songs, melodic, R&B,” he says. “They come out because of things that happened to me or situations that I experienced, I could apply them in a song and say what I felt at that moment. That’s what’s happening”.

Sometimes he improvises freestyle with his friends and occasionally he participated in battles. However, freestyle is for him a tool of inspiration. “It was very embarrassing as a kid and I didn’t come out, I couldn’t compete. That’s why I never did freestyle running. I improvise, it serves to write songs and I practice it all the time ”.

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Panther finished high school in Trelew and went to Buenos Aires to begin his university studies. Music has its sacrifices. “They give me study sessions a week, I get up at 7.30, at 9 I have to be in the studio and I put him there until 1. Then we go back to the house and continue making music. It is all the time, because now there is a lot of hunger for everything; he is the one that does it the best, the one that puts the most in and dedicates the most effort ”.

In addition to wearing Sponsor’s jacket, Panther also wore Spotify’s jacket throughout October and is the face of the Radar al Sur playlist, succeeding Taichu, which was during the month of September.

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