From David Beckham to Lionel Messi, Barbicor is into football too.

Fulham welcomes Margot Robbie on Twitter after match (Twitter @FulhamFC)

One month after release Barbie broke all possible box office records, becoming a cultural event thanks to a successful marketing strategy and the phenomenon Barbenheimerwhich became a viral meme on social media. A film dedicated to the cult doll Mattelwith the main characters Margot Robbie AND Ryan Gosling, and its pink-dominated color palette is an inspiration for fashion brands as well as sports. And even international football doesn’t seem to be holding back from the latest Barbiecore trend and the explosion of all-out pink.

From left to right: the Mas brothers with David Beckham, owners of Inter Miami (official website phone number)

Colors in football are a matter of identity. Not only do they symbolize belonging to the club and culture, but they are also the most visible aesthetic element. There are certain colors that are less explored than others. Pink, for example, is the primary color of very few teams, including Palermo in ItalyEvian in France it sports boys in Peru and within a few monthsInter Miami From David Beckham. There have been attempts in the past to use this unusual color in a football context by important clubs such as Barcelona AND JuventusWhat They have worn several pink T-shirts throughout their history.

The Japanese team’s away kit for the women’s world championship (photo from Adidas official website)

Today, the pink color seems to be officially cleared by customs. On FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Women’s World Cup that just ended with Spain winning, we’ve seen different kits dyed pink, like Japan’s away kit, which draws inspiration from Mount Fuji sunsets and cherry blossoms where the lilac turns pale. pink with a cloud effect applied to the shades of the shirt. Colombia’s away kit is pink and purple on a navy blue base with a motif inspired by the Ca├▒o Cristales River. The new world champions also wore a blue away kit, but with a purple floral motif and pink stripes. The molds of these three countries were made Adidas.

Fulham striker Harry Wilson in the club’s away kit (photo: Fulham official website)

Then there is Fulham. The England men’s team plays in Premier League and of which Margot Robbie herself is a fan, she totally rode the Barbenheimer wave in a pink Barbie away shirt and black details. Oppenheimer, creating a pleasant interaction with the fans who named the striker Harry Wilson how are they Ken. Other British teams have released kits for the season that has just begun, which have pink inside. Third shirt nottingham forest it has a patterned blue base with pink Adidas 3-Stripes. The third form of the reigning champions of England and Europe. Manchester contains logos and sponsors, including puma And Etihadpink on a black base surrounded by a pattern of blue lightning bolts, and on the goalkeeper’s uniform, the pink appears as a repeating texture on the sides of the uniform.

Juventus away jersey for the 2023/24 season (photo from Juventus official website)

The pink phenomenon also appeared in Bundesliga German, on goalie shirts Bayer Leverkusenbelonging Bavaria Monacobelonging Borussia Dortmund He was born in Borussia M├Ânchengladbach. V league Italian Juventus usually wear a pink away or third kit, from Cabrini AND Shirea in the 1987/88 season Del Piero AND Zidane in the centenary year, passing through Marchisio AND Vidal in season 2011/12 to Pogba AND Dybala in the 2015/16 season and in the 2020/21 season, even if only for one match, the players wore pink shirts designed Pharrell Williamsjust debuted as creative director of menswear. Louis Vuitton. This season is no different: the Turin club and Adidas have unveiled a white away kit with pink and gray horizontal stripes, the texture of which is reminiscent of topographic maps. And all this in order to pay tribute to Monte Rosa. This year the blacks and whites have been joined by Milanwhich unexpectedly introduced a completely innovative third form in the history of the Rossoneri, with a combination of pink, purple, blue and turquoise to celebrate the culture of inclusion and diversity.

Bape x Inter Miami capsule (phone: Inter Miami official website)

However, in Spain, after several harvests in which both real Madrid that Barcelona had a pink kit, no team chose this palette in the season just started. With the exception of overseas Inter Miami, the club, founded in 2018 by a group of investors, including former English footballer David Beckham, who is also the company’s president, uses pink and black as social colors, making it the de facto only team in Major American professional sports will use pink as their primary color. The choice is due to the use of flamingos in the logo. Arrival of the Argentine Lionel Messi Last month on the Florida team led to an exponential rise in the popularity of “soccer” in the US and sculptclothing brand founded by a Japanese designer Nigocurrent creative director Kenzocollaborated with the team, giving the unique pink Inter Miami t-shirt a camouflage restyling and thereby uniting the team under the leadership of Spice Boy, who is always supported on social networks and on the sidelines by his stylist wife. Victoria Beckham (who did not fail to immortalize his daughter Harper Seven along with Messi), with the core of Miami street culture. The collaborative lab also offers camo hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, shorts and hats, and in honor of the official launch, the t-shirt was available exclusively at the Bape store in Miami. (All rights reserved)

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