From ‘Heartstopper’ to ‘Physical’ – New Movies & Series of the Week on Streaming

What to watch from August 2 to 8 on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple Tv+, Paramount+ and now

Heartstopper Netflix 2023 Season 2

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August 2, 2023, 10:08 am

New films and series watch during the week from 2 to 8 August on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+ and Now.


Heartstopper – from August 3

In the first chapter, we witnessed the meeting between Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Keith Connor). First, they are two simple classmates in high school, then become inseparable friends until Charlie confesses his love to Nick. Now we find them surrounded and protected by their companions struggling with the official engagement and the love they want to live in the light of the sun. Of course, there will be stumbling blocks, but rest assured: the emotions will be very strong.

Pele – from August 1

This is the man who took football in the late 50s and revolutionized it with his dribbling, acceleration, headers and goals. Obviously, we are talking about Edson Arantes do Nassimiento, aka Pele. And this 2016 film, starring Kevin de Paula as the champion of Brazil, is dedicated to his incredible life.

Grizzy and Lemmings – from August 1.

This is a really fun animated series: the main characters are a bear and some stormy blue creatures – lemmings. Laughter guaranteed.

Operation Soul Catcher – from August 2.

Interesting Polish fighter. A man must find a dangerous contraption that can turn ordinary people into ruthless killers.

Mark Cavendish – since August 2.

With 34 Tour de France career stage wins, Mark Cavendish equaled the great Eddy Merckx. This documentary tells about the last years of the competition.

Poisoned – from August 2

This is an investigative documentary about the American food industry chain, which has been criticized for various errors in recent years.

Gabby’s Dollhouse 8 – from August 7

So the eighth season of the children’s animated series was released with the participation of an 11-year-old girl and her cat friends. They make them in all colors.

Most watched shows on Netflix this week

  1. Tailor – A famous tailor starts sewing a wedding dress for his best friend’s girlfriend. However, these three hide dark secrets that will turn their lives upside down.
  2. Perfect Story – Having run away on her wedding day, Margot is completely confused. However, she does not suspect that David and his magnificent confusion can help her find her way back.
  3. Witcher – Geralt of Rivia, a hunter of mutant monsters, sets out to meet his doom in a troubled world where humans are often more evil than beasts.
  4. Bucky Hanma – In order to gain the skills to surpass his powerful father, Bucky breaks into the Arizona State Penitentiary to face the inmate known as Mr. Unchained.
  5. Too hot to hold – Gorgeous single people meet and socialize on the beaches of the dream destination, but there’s a catch: to win the enticing prize, they’ll have to give up sex.

Prime Video

Listen to forgotten flowers – from 4 August

The main character is Sigourney Weaver as June Hart, who, in addition to managing greenhouses (full of “good” and “bad” plants and herbs) on a farm in Australia, is suddenly forced to take care of her niece Alice, who was orphaned at 9 years old. Hence the story that unfolds back and forth in the life of a little girl.


Star Wars: A Teenage Jedi Adventure – August 2

Six episodes (more to follow throughout the year, for a total of 25) of the first season of this animated series are on the way, in which young Jedi grow up against Master Yoda and learn the ways of the Force in the best possible way.

Apple TV+

Physical – from August 2

Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne) is back, full of energy and ideas, at the height of her success with her TV fitness company Body by Sheila. She can’t help but have her lifelong friend and business partner Greta (Györdre Friel) by her side, who continues to encourage her to experiment with new professional opportunities.


Chemistry of death – from August 3

This is a psychological thriller that follows David Hunter (Harry Treadaway), a former forensic anthropologist who decides to retire from the profession after his family suffers a serious death. In his new life, he would like to be a doctor away from crime and crime scenes, but Chief Inspector Mackenzie refers to him as “on duty”. And now old memories and all his past, which he would like to forget, float to the surface.


Souls – All the lives you remember – from August 1st

If you enjoy thrilling supernatural dramas, especially reincarnation-themed dramas, this series is for you. The main characters are three women: Lynn (Rene Gerschke), Hannah and Ellie, whose lives are unexpectedly intertwined. In fact, they seem to have nothing in common, until the son of one of them, after the accident, begins to act as if he is the pilot of a plane that has disappeared into the air.


Everyone get up – from August 1

At the center of the action is Judge Lola Carmichael (Simone Missick), a former prosecutor who is forced to decide the legal fate of the county’s citizens. But she is not alone. Next to her, we see the whole rich palette of lawyers for the prosecution and defense, ready to go to war against each other. In particular, the scenes take place after the Covid period, when, having returned “in the presence”, the tests resume their force. And at the same time, sentimental entanglements, love failures and all kinds of complications can not be absent, allowing the vision to be revived even more.

Roswell, New Mexico – August 4th

In 13 episodes of the fourth season, Max Evans and Liz Ortecho (Nathan Parsons and Janine Mason) have to fight a new alien monster that suddenly appears in Mexico and threatens the survival of mankind.


How strong are these lawyers

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in the series Advocate on Netflix. Here are some of his other apparently unconventional counterparts…

  • Goliath – Billy Bob Thornton is Billy McBride, a poor lawyer who picks only very difficult cases. On Prime Video.
  • Night – What happened that night? – John Stone (John Turturro) defends a student accused of a heinous murder in this mini-series. On Now.
  • Better call Saul – Saul Goodman’s life as a lawyer before Breaking Bad. On Netflix.
  • She-Hulk Attorney at Law – Jen Walters discovers her superpowers as She-Hulk and also uses them in her job as a lawyer. On Disney+.

Recommended Smiles

Every week we at Sorrisi recommend a series that is no longer a novelty, but worth catching up and enjoying all in one go, selected from the vast archives of streaming platforms.

Video library

A selection of old and new movies has just hit the platforms.


  • They cloned Tyrone – A sci-fi story in the style of comics and boulevard starring Jamie Foxx.
  • scream – A horror movie for those who miss Ghostface, who is back in his mask in Woodsboro after over 25 years.
  • Deep breath – A documentary about fearless diving into the depths of the sea.
  • Someone down there loves me – The life and career of Massimo Troisi seen through the eyes, directed by Mario Martone.
  • Unknown: space time machine – If you’re interested, you can see the world from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Prime Video

  • Oh mom! Here we go again – Sequel to the hit musical Mamma Mia!, again with Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep.
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – The fifth chapter of stories about dinosaurs born from the Jurassic Park phenomenon.
  • Mortal machines – A sci-fi movie in which caterpillar-equipped London literally “devours” the world.
  • Fifty shades released – The last act of the trilogy, which began with “Fifty Shades of Grey” and with the fact that the main characters finally got married.


  • The Lion King – Sing with us – Juggle your favorite songs from the movie.


  • Romantic – Pilar Fogliati for the first time as director and as four main characters. Silver Ribbon for Best Comedy Actress in June 2023.

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