From Jake Gyllenhaal to Reese Witherspoon, the stars, goofing around on Instagram


MILAN – as long As the United States, yet it is shaken by a strong protest, and the emergence of the public health, it seems to not want to stop up, to keep up with the times, even for the stars of Hollywood. From the original, and the ideas, memories and blog posts about Black Lives Matter, they just have to have fun, to help pass the time. Begins with Jake Gyllenhaal, who is in her profile on Instagram has lent her voice to the The 24 Hour Playsa project that produces art content in between the monologues and clips of the plays in which they participated in the different facets of the show, Coby Smoulders in Dane Dehaan, Pedro Pascal. Gyllenhaal has been on stage for a performance that is very intimate and heartfelt All the Waywritten by Jeanine Tesori and David Lindsay-Abaire, a new song is made for a channel that informs the day-to-day life of the insulation in the house at the time of the Covid. But there is more to it.

To bear witness to their friendship, and Blog, and Tom Holland have been occupied by a trading post on the other one. The two developed a close friendship during the filming of the Spider – Man – Away-From-Home the young man was very close to death. Once you can post a video of you two having a blast with the caption, “I miss my husband,” in which Gyllenhaal has responded with a series of emoji-ring, in the Netherlands, it has challenged its followers, asking them to choose a description for a picture of the two looking at each other on the red carpet by offering a prize such as a holiday with a friend. These, in turn, posted a video of him during a hike in the mountains, in the snow, while trying to “in order to find the pitch for Holland, and that is snowboarding.

For his part, Will Smith, as well as having a well and wished him a happy birthday for her son Jayden, with a funny picture, it gives a strong social commitment and to promote it in their profile, in interviews and conversations with the actors, and activists, who are in turn uploaded to your Youtube channel, where she switches back and forth between the fun and the important discussions on the issues of social and political change. I would really loved to have spent a time to celebrate with the graduates of the class of 2020, with a video of a guy that improvise, a ballet to be managed to graduate, despite the fact that the Covid. To conclude, in spite of this, the feedback control of the film comes with a message from Jennifer Beals, who posted a photo of the projection Flashdance in the parking lot of the Cinecittà Studios, hosted by the Sunset Drive-In. “What a feeling” he wrote to the actress, showing off his Italian and looking back to the time when she became acquainted with Troisi, and Scola.

Finally, among the organs of vision and memories on the set, there’s Reese Witherspoon, who, with the extract, he speaks about his experience Little Fires Everywherea new series in which he starred with Kerry Washington, and a special shot of the episode, he mentions his “family” of the Big Little Lieswith the desire to come back soon in the set. It is impossible not to notice the touch of class that everyone is asked to wear a mask, through a scene adapted from the cult, Legally Blonde, and a message that speaks to all of the following lines: “if Ellie Woods, you can wear a mask in public, but you can do it.”.