From Jeff Bezos to Will Smith, Here’s Who’s Already on Threads

If you are looking for a reason to use the Threads app, you may find a reason as many famous people are already using the platform. The fastest growing social media already has a long list of stars; Here are some of the more notable names.

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Who is famous on Threads?

Several famous people have joined the Threads app, a new platform developed by Meta, the parent company of Instagram.

Designed to facilitate text-based updates and public discussions, the new app integrates seamlessly with users’ Instagram accounts, allowing them to share posts of up to 500 characters with links, photos and videos of up to 5 minutes. gets permission.

While still in development, Threads has attracted attention as a rival to Twitter, with its growing popularity among celebrities further fueling the buzz.

We take a closer look at which celebrities have embraced this new digital frontier, giving fans an unfiltered look into their lives and thoughts.

jeff bezos

Gordon Ramsay

Dalai Lama

Zayn Malik

Jennifer Lopez

Oprah Winfrey

Will Smith

Kim Kardashian


Mohammed Al-Arian

because it’s important

In April this year, the Twitter profile of Elon Musk has begun removing blue verification badges from user profiles, but for some, the tech billionaire has “personally” paid for them.

This includes names like Lebron James And Stephen KingBoth have strongly opposed paying Twitter to get the blue badge. Taylor Swift And Rihanna Instead, he was among those paying Musk $8 a month to keep his blue badge.

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