From Jennifer Lawrence’s slip to Will Smith’s slap: the unforgettable moments of the last 10 years of Oscars

Since its inception in 1929, the ceremony for the delivery of the Oscars has not only represented a moment awaited by film lovers, but also a real event of custom: every year it has given the public glamour, twists, some controversy and not a few gaffes. Some, unforgettable, have remained deeply imprinted in the history of Hollywood. Starting from 1973, with the blatant refusal by Marlon Brando of the award for Best Actor (due to his performance in The Godfather), justified by the protest against the “treatment reserved by the film industry to American Indians”. Moving on to 1974, when a naked man ran after David Nivenwho was preparing to call to the stage Elizabeth Taylor, making the gesture of peace. And again: Adrien Brody’s passionate kiss to Halle Berry, who in 2003 had called him on stage to receive the Oscar for best actor for The pianist. Roberto Benigni’s exuberant rush towards the stage in 1999, answering Sophia Loren’s iconic cry: «And the Oscar goes to… Robbberto!». Also impossible to forget the moving posthumous victory of Heath Ledger as Joker, as well as the time when, in 1934, Frank Capra answered the cry of “Come and get it, Frank”. Actually addressed to Frank Lloyd. In short, it would be impossible to retrace all the epic moments that have characterized the event over time. For this reason, we have focused on the last ten years.

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