From Julia Roberts to Kendall Jenner. When a rough star But someone apologized

Alec Baldwin

Having a decent job and being privileged at the same time doesn’t mean you can afford to be rude to the world around you. In Hollywood, unsurprisingly, there are some stars who aren’t exactly sympathetic to others and who have been the protagonists of nasty episodes in terms of education at some points of refreshment and beyond. Alec Baldwin allegedly terrorized a waitress during Pen America’s Spring Literary Gala on May 18 last year. Minutes before the actor sat down, a girl working at the event had already set the dishes on the table, Page Six reports. At this point, the actor would have called her back in front of everyone in a very stern and somewhat inappropriate tone. Instagram @thealecbaldwinshow

James Corden

James Corden is a very talented comedian, but Keith McNally, owner of the Balhtazar restaurant in New York, would call him “the rudest customer ever” on his social media. On January 17, 2022, during dinner, Corden allegedly found a hair on his plate and demanded a free drink due to a minor accident. Although she was pleased, the star also continued to stir up controversy about her wife’s omelette making by mistreating the restaurant staff. Luckily, the comedian got back on track and subsequently contacted the restaurant owner and apologized. Instagram @j_corden 3

Julia Roberts

Before Julianna Margulis rose to prominence as an actress with ER – Doctors on the Frontline, she was a waitress at a star restaurant in New York City. Unfortunately for Margulis, she was on duty one night and had to deal with Julia Roberts over dinner at that very restaurant. The ER diva – Doctors on the Frontline said that Roberts treated her dismissively and haughtily for no good reason. Years later, when they met, they brightened up and Roberts invited a colleague to dinner. Instagram @juliaroberts

Naomi Campbell

Michael Cecchi-Azzolini, former head waiter at New York City’s famous CouCou restaurant, wrote in his book Your Table Is Ready that Naomi Campbell was a loyal customer in the early 2000s, but that she was truly unbearable. The model sent food back each time on a different whim, addressing insiders in a very rude manner. Instagram @naomi

Jeremy Piven

Actor Jeremy Piven at the Nobu restaurant in Aspen was so rude to the waiters that the restaurant manager allegedly kicked him out and asked him not to show up again. Instagram @jeremypiven

Kendall Jenner

According to a Page Six article, in 2014 Kendall Jenner left the famous SoHo restaurant “Mercer Kitchen” without paying the bill. Cause? Because, as a minor in 2014, the star couldn’t ask for alcohol at his table. However, once she escaped the club, one of the table service girls would chase a model on the street, who would throw $20 bills at her on the floor. Instagram @kendalljenner

Jennifer Lopez

Famous singer Jennifer Lopez does not like to give big tips in restaurants. According to some sources, the star checks on Ben Affleck when he leaves for dinner when it comes to leaving a “gift” for the staff after paying the bill. Other episodes would indicate that the prima donna snatched the wallet from the actor’s hands. Instagram @jlo

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