From Keke Palmer to Beyoncé: all the celebrities who announced their pregnancy in a unique way

Rihanna likes to do things in a big way: for her return to the scene, after more than 5 years away from live performances and concerts, she has chosen one of the most important and seen stages in the world, that of Super Bowland to announce her second pregnancy she wanted the same event, despite having hidden it for months with almost maniacal care. The singer was the only one who said she was pregnant during the famous half time showbut does not have the primacy of the celebrity who chooses a very public and popular occasion to communicate the happy event. In the world of normal people, a dinner is organized with relatives and friends, in the world of showbiz things are a little more complicated and structured. Here are the other celebs who, together with Rihanna, wanted to make their pregnancy known in a rather particular way.

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One of the most watched television shows in the United States is the Saturday Night Live and, for many actors, singers or television personalities, the chance to be one of the hosts and deliver the opening monologue is a career seal. Keke Palmer, therefore, could not pass up this opportunity and, at the beginning of the episode, she showed everyone her baby bump, confirming all the rumors about her for months.

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The singer wanted to announce her pregnancy at the end of her song’s video Never worn white. Also in this case, completely unexpected because the image of her dressed in white touching her belly only arrives at the end of the video so as not to take away the surprise effect. Minutes after the launch on YouTube, Katy tweeted, “Oh my god I’m so happy – I don’t have to hold my breath in public anymore.” Thinking of her, we didn’t expect anything different.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ fourth child was born just a few days ago and we are still very excited. If you remember correctly, the actress, for her third child, showed everyone that she was pregnant during the premiere of the film Detective Pikachu in which she had participated to accompany her husband, the protagonist of the film. She showed up in a gorgeous yellow dress, radiant and beautiful, and we were all blown away.


How can we forget about Kylie Jenner’s first pregnancy? For months she disappeared from social media and the few photos that were published either only showed her face or had been taken many months earlier. At the time, it became one of the main topics of discussion until the founder of Kylie Cosmetics decided to publish a video on YouTube, viewed more than 81 million times, entitled To our daughter in which she showed her pregnancy and childbirth. On Instagram, she later apologized to all her fans for keeping it under wraps.


The rapper to announce she is pregnant chose a performance by Migos – the group that fellow Offset is a part of – during the Bet Awards of 2021. Cardi B, in fact, had been announced as a guest on stage, but when she entered to perform her part of the song, she showed up in a fabulous dress that perfectly highlighted her baby bump. Audience in raptures and she behaved, as usual, like a real queen.

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If you’re a model, is there a better way to say you’re expecting a baby in one of the top modeling magazines? I would say absolutely not and our Emily chose Vogue to do it. The news was related to a nice interview, very intimate and personal, and a cover service in which the baby bump was shown for the first time.


It’s been more than 11 years now, but the memory of Beyoncé who, during the performance of Love on top on the stage of Video Music Awardsdrops the microphone to touch his belly remains indelible. At the time, it was her first pregnancy and, as revealed some time later, she had been preceded by a few miscarriages. The joy in the face of the singer, but also in that of her husband Jay-z, sitting in the audience with ex-friend Kanye West, was full and very visible.

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