From “LOL 3” to “Luther”, the new movies and TV series of the week in streaming

What to see from March 8 to 14 on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Now

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March 8, 2023 at 11:03 am

New movies and TV series to see during the week from 8 to 14 March on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Now.


Luther: To Hell – from March 10th

The rule is clear: cops wear a uniform, superheroes a costume. It doesn’t even need to repeat it. Unless the policeman in question is John Luther, Chief Inspector of London. He is a policeman, but the wool coat, which he wears in summer and winter, is like armor: it doesn’t give him superpowers, but without it he would feel lost. It has been like this for all five seasons of the “Luther” series and it is also like this in this new case, which arrives four years after the last episode of the series: after 20 episodes spread between 2010 and 2019, it’s time for the film “Luther: Into Hell,” available on Netflix starting March 10.

Outlast – Team Play – from March 10th

If you love reality shows in which the contestants have to survive in extreme conditions, here is “Outlast – Team Game”, where 16 people find themselves immersed in the pristine Alaskan wilderness.

The glory – from March 10th

South Korean series have proven to have nothing to envy to American and European products. Like the dark drama “The Glory”, which returns to Netflix on March 10 with the second season. At the center, the complicated revenge of a woman.

The most watched series on Netflix this week

  1. Sea Out – Young Neapolitans explore friendship, love and dreams of a better future in a juvenile prison overlooking the sea.
  2. Get stuck – Two hapless TV technicians stumble upon a crime scene and get into more and more trouble to avoid being suspected.
  3. Sex/Life – A woman sees her audacious sexual pasts and her present as wife and mother collide when a rebellious ex reappears in her life that she can’t forget.
  4. Outer Banks – On an island populated by rich and poor, teenager John B recruits his three best friends to track down a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance.
  5. Purple like the sea – Palermo. While pursuing a personal goal, a reporter who can visualize the emotions of others through synesthesia helps a cynical police officer in his investigation.

Prime Videos

LOL 3 – from March 9th

For a couple of years the acronym “LOL” (abbreviation of the English words “laughing out loud”) has also become the title of an amusing comedy program produced by Endemol Shine Italy for Prime Video. The formula is simple: ten characters (comedians, actors and entertainers) are locked up in a room for six hours where they challenge each other by unleashing jokes, grimaces, gags, sketches, small performances. Result: “He who laughs is out”, as the subtitle says. Anyone who doesn’t laugh until the end, on the other hand, wins 100,000 euros to be donated to charity.

Most watched on Prime Video this week

  1. Dinner Club – The Dinner Club reopens its doors to 4 of the greatest actors in Italy: Paola Cortellesi, Antonio Albanese, Luca Zingaretti and Marco Giallini will leave with Carlo Cracco to visit some of the most enchanting places in the beautiful country, rediscovering the pleasure of travel and the best recipes. Also at the dinners were the two veterans of the club, Sabrina Ferilli and Luciana Littizzetto.
  2. Carnival Row – Love. Homocide. Plot. Revolution. When mysterious killings inflame tensions between the fey and their human oppressors, everyone on “Carnival Row” must choose who to be and how to act.
  3. The consultant – After a horrific tragedy at CompWare, a video game company based in downtown Los Angeles, a mysterious consultant, Regus Patoff, shows up in town and assumes command.
  4. Daisy Jones and the Six – In 1977, Daisy Jones and The Six were on top of the world. With two big names at the head of the band, Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne, they had gone from obscurity to fame. And then, after a sold-out concert at Soldier Field in Chicago, they decided to break up. Decades later, the band members agreed to reveal the truth. It’s the story of an iconic band that imploded at the height of its success.
  5. Clarkson Farm – Another year in the life of Diddly Squat Farm, run by Jeremy Clarkson, the most famous but least skilled amateur farmer. To be able to increase his annual profit he diversified, introducing cows, more chickens and a restaurant.


Bear Grylls Celebrity edition: The challenge – from 8 March

Do you know Bear Grylls? He is considered the king of extreme feats, ever since, with the show “Man vs. Natura”, staged his will to live adventures all over the world that challenge our ancestral fears. But often Bear is not alone: ​​for many years now he has been involving the stars of the show in his follies about him. He also does it in the six episodes of “Bear Grylls Celebrity edition: The Challenge”, arriving on Disney+ on March 8, where he takes, among others, the actress Florence Pugh in the volcanic forests of Costa Rica, Natalie Portman in the desert of Escalante (in the US state of Utah), or Simu Liu (star of the film “Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings”) in the relentless cold of the Canadian Rockies. How will they fare?

Unprisoned – from March 10th

Kerry Washington is a single woman (and mother) whose life is turned upside down by her father’s (Delroy Lindo) release from prison in this eight-episode comedy.

Chang to the basket – from March 10th

Unpublished Disney film, tells the story of Chang, a 16-year-old high school student of Asian origins with only one passion, basketball. And a dream: to be able to make a “schiacciata”.


The English – from 8 March

It is 1890 when Lady Cornelia Locke, Emily Blunt, a wealthy English noblewoman, arrives in America. Her goal is to reach Wyoming to take revenge on the man she holds responsible for her son’s death. In Kansas she meets Sergeant Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer) and convinces him to accompany her. But the man, a member of the Pawnee tribe, also has a dramatic story behind him. Don’t expect to find the “same old West”, because “The English”, a miniseries arriving on Paramount+ on March 8 with its six episodes, is a story that revisits the myth of the frontier with a modern sensibility. And with two performances that leave you speechless.


L’Opéra – from 12 March

The second season of the Franco-Belgian series centered on the story of two dancers, Flora and Zoe, who revolve around the Paris Opéra arrives on Now (simultaneously with Sky). In the new episodes, the two have to start over while the company has a new leadership.


Conversations with friends – from 10 March

Among the literary phenomena of recent years there is Sally Rooney, a young Irish writer who with her novels (published by Einaudi) has been able to give a voice to the new generations. From a book by her, “Normal people”, an acclaimed miniseries was made in 2020, and now it’s up to another best seller, “Talk about it with friends”. The series based on the novel arrives on RaiPlay on March 10, with the original title: “Conversations with friends”. At the heart of the 12 episodes are the lives of four young people living in today’s Dublin, between love, sex, betrayals and disappointments, and a trip to Croatia that will change everything.

The playlist

Twin series

Triada (Triptych) captivates Netflix audiences. Here are more series based on the twins…

  • echoes – Twin girls have been swapping lives for years. But then one disappears. It shows up Netflix.
  • The unlisted – Dru and Kal Sharma discover a secret plan to subjugate the youth. On Netflix.
  • Teenage bounty hunters – Sterling and Blair don’t look alike but they’re twins… and they hunt criminals. On Netflix.
  • Liv E Maddie – Dove Cameron plays two sisters identical in appearance, different in character. On Disney+.
  • It wasn’t me – Lindy and Logan are the twins at the center of this teen series. On Disney+.

Recommended by Smiles

Every week we at Sorrisi recommend a series that is no longer new, but which is worth catching up and enjoying all in one breath, selected from the vast archives of streaming platforms.

The video library

A selection of old and new movies just landed on the platforms.


  • A ghost in the house – A specter becomes a social phenomenon in this original comedy.
  • Clerks III – Final film of a saga that began with a “cult” film from the 90s. For true fans.
  • Chihiro – Bittersweet Japanese film about a kindly former prostitute who opens a small restaurant.
  • Goosebumps 2 – New stories inspired by the well-known children’s book series.
  • I you we, lucio – Giorgio Verdelli’s documentary is dedicated to Battisti.

Prime Videos

  • Die hart – Comedian Kevin Hart plays himself in this satire of American action cinema.
  • House with guests – Marco Giallini and Massimiliano Gallo are among the actors in this thriller to discover.
  • Bullet trains – An unpredictable train ride is the focus of a tongue-in-cheek thriller starring Brad Pitt.
  • Brad – Kim Rossi Stuart is the star, but also the director, of a drama about the relationship between father and son.


  • Opposite poles – Laughter and tenderness with Luca Argentero and Sarah Felberbaum.
  • The fountain of love – A magical love story set in Italy… with unlikely consequences!


  • The last day on earth – Jean Reno is in the cast of a sci-fi film about trying to stop extinction.
  • The pink wedding – A woman announces her wedding to her family without revealing the name of the future groom…
  • Bullet trains – An unpredictable train ride is the focus of a tongue-in-cheek thriller starring Brad Pitt.
  • Brad – Kim Rossi Stuart is the star, but also the director, of a drama about the relationship between father and son.

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