From Louis Vuitton to Dsquared2 when the catwalks go viral

Coperni fashion show moment (Courtesy of Coperni)

It was 2019 in Paris when the film set, reminiscent of the rooftops of the Villa Lumiere built inside the Grand Palais, had its first real test. Virginie Viard heading ready-to-wear Chanelburden and honor inherited directly from the hands Karl Leijerfeld. The viral word has never been as cleared up on social media or in real life as it would later be. However, this show at the house of Double C in the post-Kaiser era is always remembered because it had all the elements to bounce into the net, even if perhaps with a delay. It was the place, the spectacle, the supermodels, and the twist; or the invasion of the stage by the French comedian and YouTuber Marie Benoliel (aka Marie S’Infiltr).

If the same fashion show were held a few years later, it would have been a success and would have given the fashion house a reason (not) to speak, besides tweed and the most expensive bags. Because, in addition to the consolidated presence of the brand, virality contributes to its success today; in itself nothing new, if not for a different interaction between him and the modern viewer. The gags, the gimmicks invented at the table and deemed worthy of clickbait, are really just some of the ways that fashion champions think about marketing to create millions of dollars worth of visibility, with strategies that are as many as the memes that are on the web. generates every day. Elsa Schiaparelli he seems to have argued that in times of trouble fashion was always outrageous. Instead, in modern? Fashion is outrageous insofar as it has something to show its followers, something to say, or just something to impress. So, embalmed lion heads (which the queen wears) appear on the podium. Kendall Jenner), robots flirting with models, actors on stage, or fireproof creatures, as is the case with fiery stuntmen created by Heliot Emil. Beloved, desired and feared virality was also virality coperniwho, in order to constantly keep the bar at a high level, literally splashed the statue with a dress Bella Hadid. The performance went viral, as did the controversy over a scene that also featured a duo of workers, men ça va sans dire, finishing work as the protagonists.

Kylie Jenner in Schiaparelli (photo via Instagram @kyliejenner)

The sensation on Retina displays is the real cornerstone of every show, which by definition is a manifestation of brand power. But if earlier theatrical scenery was enough, now it is necessary to provide the first row with the camera always on. He knows it well Louis Vuitton that for the first menswear collection signed Pharrell Williams he managed to stir up a stir already many months before the testing on the platform, as a result of which about 1400 guests were accommodated along the New Bridge, covered in gold for the occasion. A gospel choir, a creepy soloist, carts full of suitcases and assorted models; all elements are Super Bowl worthy with celebrities of the caliber Jared Leto, Rihanna, beyoncé, Zendaya, Naomi Campbell AND Lenny Kravitz. The event overshadowed the flagship creations of the house Lvmh? Maybe a little, but on the other hand, evolution requires change, and fashion is dedicated to this.

While outgoing people still admired in the cycle Vincent Cassel parade for You like or share corset-shaped orthopedic boots Rick Owensleave old habits at home too Marc Jacobs that Fall-Winter 24 presented it in about three minutes. In fact, the label decided to shorten any wait by having the models come out one after the other, as is usually done in the final. Time optimization then (even the press release was written quickly thanks to GPT chated), which is more of a provocation of the fashionable system, apparently promptly caught by the cameras in the front row.

Twins Guccidoubles Sunnaymale mannequins clinging to the body Viktor and Rolfinflatable boat Dieselclear slime Prada, Rocco Siffredi For Dsquared2. All these were outstanding moments that could engage, provoke a reaction and make the brand survive in the hunger games of the fashion weeks. Avawav for example, he almost claimed virality; “At the beginning of the collection process, I don’t think specifically about public relations, but once we find something that I like, we plan the best way to communicate it through social networks. As a small company, the show is one of the few areas where we can challenge the big fashion houses, so it seems silly not to use it,” he explained to the publication. MFF designer Beate Karlsson.

Two Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2024 Looks (Courtesy of Rick Owens)

So how long are fashion shows bound to go viral? Time will tell, but in September we will see the debut De Sarno Saturday as the creative director of Gucci, and this expectation is causing some to bet more on the sensational rediscovered minimalism, postponing for a while the maximalism brought Alexander Mikhail. Whatever happens, one way or another, there is always a rule: the main thing is that we talk about it. Maybe like when in 1999 Alexander McQueen made me dance Shalom Harlow between two robots and splashes of yellow and black paint. (All rights reserved)

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