From Madonna, Tom Brady and Reese Witherspoon: Family Lawyers in Chile

The International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL) Annual General Meeting will be held at the Ritz-Carlton, Santiago, Chile, from Wednesday 6th September to Sunday 10th September and will feature a number of experienced family lawyers who will be present in the country.

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There are many representatives of some celebrities, and we will show you some below.

Marlene Eskind Moses

Attorney at Nashville Law School and partner in the family, mediation and arbitration practice at Gullett Sanford Robinson & Martin PLLC. Moses has worked professionally on family issues for over 40 years, most notably the actress’ recent divorce. reese witherspoon with her ex-husband Jim TothMoses played the actress.

According to entertainment outlet TMZ, the 12-year-old couple decided to initiate divorce proceedings in March 2023 due to “irreconcilable differences.” Court documents leaked to Dam say Witherspoon and Todt signed a prenuptial agreement in March 2011 that provided “adequate and adequate provisions” for their assets and liabilities, including more than $46 million Dollar real estate. These include 3 properties in Nashville and 1 property in Nashville. California. They also agreed to share custody of their 10-year-old son.

Thomas Shockwave

University of Florida Attorney, Partner at Sasser, Cestero & Sasser, PA, and International Academy of Family Lawyers.Shockwave has extensive experience advising celebrities, some of his most notable clients are tiger woods Divorce from Elin Nordegren and race car drivers jeff gordon Divorced wife Brooke Seeley (2003).

Sasser to represent Brazilian model in 2022 Gisele Bundchen when she divorced the football player tom brady, ended 13 years of marriage. According to professional media speculation, the reason for the breakup was Tom Brady’s return to the game after announcing his retirement earlier that year.

Karen Shirley Patterson

Karen Shirley-Paterson is an attorney at Dalhousie Law School, a member of the Family Law Section of the Vancouver and Canadian Bar Associations and a partner at Farris LLP. One case in which she gained recognition was the divorce of the owner and businessman of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team, Francesco Aquiliniof Talia Aquilini,year 2013.

The British Columbia Supreme Court granted the divorce after the parties reached a separation and custody agreement, ending a marriage of nearly 20 years. There are no details yet of the financial agreement the couple have reached, but Thalia is raising three teenage children on her own.

Regarding the reasons for the divorce, the media at the time pointed out that Thalia had accused her husband of adultery, but the judge who heard the case ruled that this statement was not allowed during the trial.

Jill Hersh

A graduate of UC Hastings School of the Law and a member of the California Bar, Jill Hersh has worked pro bono in the Family Law Sections of San Francisco Superior Court and Marin County Superior Court. He also participated as an appellate counsel in the Supreme Court decision in KM v. EG, trying to determine who the mother is when one woman in a lesbian couple donates her eggs to her girlfriend so she can conceive after IVF.

hirsch has a client drake leethe actor’s ex-wife jesse williamsIn 2017, fighting for custody of the children during the divorce culminated in a joint custody agreement in which the actor agreed to pay $50,695 a month in alimony and an additional $50,000 in trial costs.

Peter E. Brownstein

Attorney at University of Virginia School of Law, magna cum laude at Harvard University, partner at Rottenstreich Farley Bronstein Fisher Potter Hodas LLP since 1968 Peter E. Brownstein Dedicated to family law with a special focus on matrimonial cases.He is one of the founders of the organization International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyerswhich later became the IAFL.

One of the most prominent cases of his career was with madonna and film director guy rich, Brownstein represented the latter in trials in US and UK courts. The controversy ended with the director remaining in charge of the son he had with Madonna in England.

Kidnapping and lawsuits against parents

In addition to celebrity representatives, attorneys with extensive experience in cases involving globally relevant issues such as international child abduction also attend the IAFL’s annual convention.

Jeremy Morley, an attorney at the University of Illinois, represented a company in 2009 Christopher Savoywho won custody of the children in Tennessee but is in Japan with his ex-wife Norico SavoyAccording to CNN, they were arrested by Japanese police while trying to take it back, the children have Japanese passports, and the Japanese marriage was not annulled.

Another attorney in attendance was University of Western Ontario attorney Michael Stangarone, who helped Florida clients recover their sons who were illegally taken in Canada by their ex-husbands.

There is also a case listed as “curious” by international media, in which Oxford lawyer Tim Amos is involved. His client, Faiz Siddiqu, tried to sue his parents in his favor, but the judge dismissed the lawsuit and ruled in favor of the accused.

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