On August 13, Brescia becomes the Italian capital of amarcord, 90 Wonderland nostalgia invades the Lonato del Garda disco. There will be additions Mario Bros and Jurassic Park. Organizers: “We would always like to live in this decade.” Several thousand people are expected, those who wish can arrive by boat.

On August 13, the Coco beach club in Lonato del Garda (Brescia) will be transformed into a temple of the 90s. A local historian, located on the lake, with a Caribbean beach and the ability to welcome even those who arrive by boat, after twenty years of events, is now a landmark for nightlife on the lake.

This will be the place for one of the most anticipated meetings for those who love the nineties. The location was also chosen because the management of Coco Beach Club is committed to preserving the natural environment, implementing sustainable practices and reducing the impact of the facility, which was born on a lake that is visited by millions of tourists every year, and for this reason it will really look like on vacation.

It will be the perfect place to enjoy the nostalgia for those years. The 90 Wonderland format actually makes hundreds of thousands of people dance (and relive those moments with nostalgia) as they participate in the Oh Yes Summer Tour 2023, a traveling event that will be celebrated in some forty squares and discos around the world. Italy, and this summer about two hundred thousand people are going to dance.

Further on August 12, the atmosphere will be dominated by the cult format for lovers of the year Nirvana and the first Giovanotti. There will also be extras on stage such as Spider-Man and the Mario Bros, accompanied by sets such as those for Jurassic Park, as well as the presence of dancers in the style of Baywatch, the Strangelove television format for those looking for a soul mate. and giant packets of Brooklyn gum (as well as Big Bubbles and gummy Morositas) accompanied by the Wonder Girls.

The console mixes all the pop, rock and dance hits, unforgettable songs that you can sing at the top of your lungs, and singles that conquered the charts of a glorious decade. The show ends with a series of special effects and a super-themed song for the video: a wave of music and entertainment, a party full of animations, DJs, dancers, iconographic characters, gadgets, special effects and a video show.

Also for this reason, 90 Wonderland is the biggest party of the nineties in Italy and this year it turns 15 years old. Willy Bergamin, a 43-year-old artistic director from Padua, Francesco Ciconte, a 37-year-old product manager from Calabria who moved to the Vicenza area, and Davide Menegazzo, a 40-year-old manager from Vicenza, are responsible for leading the working group.

Their passion – and their shared age – led them to come up with the format again in 2008. Over the years they have managed to organize almost 400 events, averaging about twenty in each season, with peaks of around seventy per year throughout Italy before the Covid period. (a record that should be improved this year). It should be noted that the organizing group of three also offers two other formats, one themed around the 2000s (2000s Wonderland) and the other the younger brother of the previous decade, “90s Time – 90s Party”. An unrivaled entertainment machine capable of catering for around 150 nights throughout the year.

But now all their thoughts are focused on the new tour, which they have decided to rename “Oh Yes Summer Tour”. “We are back to delighting you without limits throughout Italy with the freshest and most positive cycle of events,” concludes Francesco Ciconte, event product manager. “The title of our tour this year comes from the emotions we get when we get on stage and see our audience dancing and having fun. This is our inspiration and motivation to try to create something original and authentic every time. We will continue to work hard to keep this ideal alive, we are proud to bring to life the only incredibly modern party that takes us back to the past that we wish we could relive every day.”


A HIT TO BE DANCED In Wonderland 90 format, the most beautiful pop, rock and dance hits of the 90s will be mixed, unforgettable songs for singing and singles that climbed the charts from 1990 to 2000. Some of them are: Green Day Basket Case // Corona The Rhythm Of The Night // Snap Rhythm Is A Dancer // Ice Mc Think About The Way // La Bouche Sweet Dreams // Spin Doctors Two Princes // Datura Yerba Del Diablo // Alexia The Summer Is Crazy// Haddaway What Is Love // ​​Eiffel 65 Blue // Gigi D’Agostino L’ Amour Toujours // Vengaboys Boom boom boom!! // The Soundlovers Surrender // Aqua Barbie Girl // 883 Killed Spider-Man // The Prodigy Firestarter // Lunapop 50 Special // Captain Hollywood More And More // Mabel Bum Bum // Precious & Marvin Tell Me Why / / Da Blitz Let Me Be // Dr. Alban This Is My Life // Kim Lucas Let It Be The Night // Robert Miles Kids // Take It Back Forever // Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication // Britney Spears Is Crazy // Gun’s N’ Roses Knockin On Heaven’s Door Ace Of Base All That She Wants // Usura Open Your Mind // Spice Girls Wannabe // Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way // Blur Song 2 // REM Losing My Religion // Neja Restless / / The Chemical Brothers Hey Boy Hey Girl // Modo Einszwei Polizei // Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit

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