From Miami to Barcelona, ​​all of Shakira’s dream homes around the world

There are several houses that Shakira owns around the world, some of them are truly charming: let’s discover them together.

It was the year when the name Shakira it really was on everyone’s lips. One of her last songs, in particular, caused a stir with allusions, even very frank ones, to the betrayal experienced by her husband. The audience, as always, when these are hot topics, he split. Who agreed with the artist, and who with her husband. The thing is, Shakira really hit the headlines.

The singer is much loved for both her singing abilities and her ability to always be very straightforward. It actually seems like Shakira don’t tell them and the way she takes a stand on both more mundane and more difficult issues has made her truly respected by the fans. Fans who, in fact, want to know everything about the life of the singer. From his creative life to his everyday life. In particular, to intrigue the public, Houses from Shakira. In fact, the woman seems to have several around the world. In short, a little bit of everyone’s dream.

Shakira dream homes around the world

One of his houses is located in Barcelonaconsisting of three buildings. It was a common house with Piqué, where he lived with his children. It is a fairly linear complex with simple interiors, characterized light and elegant colorsV. The intention that drove the project of this house, it would seem, was precisely simplicity and functionality: this with children, in fact, is a really fundamental premise.

In addition to the house in Barcelona, ​​there are several more around the world (PHOTO ANSA)

Another of the houses around the world is a farm in Uruguay. This would have been the residence the singer would have bought after her first major international success, or the single “Whenever and wherever“. It will be a farmhouse with a swimming pool and large outdoor areas. As well as interiors equipped with every comfort, such as an indoor studio, gym and cinema.

Among other houses scattered around the world, there will be a villa in Florida, which is the first major property purchased by Shakira. Later, the singer would have bought herself a second villa, namely the one in Miami Beach.

Another villa is located in the Mediterranean, Cyprus. But in order not to miss anything, in 2011 Shakira bought an entire island in Bahamas.

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