From My Window – Ariana Godoy

From my window From Ariana Godoy (Sperling & Kupfer, 2022, translated by Clara Serretta) has been made available on Netflix since February 2022, as well as on Sky Q. Spanish actors Julio Peña and Clara Galle make their debut as the protagonists of this gripping story. Love. The film is directed by Markal Fores and written by Godoy herself, whose novel has already become a bestseller.

Sometimes a little courage is enough. Or the right occasion.

Raquel and her obsession.

Perhaps this word is a little big, but for her Ares Hidalgo appears as something unique and indescribable.

She never met him, never spoke to him.

But look at this.

He watched him for many years. From his window.

Stalker you say?

No, stalkers are bad.

She genuinely misses Ares. Her heart beats like crazy when she thinks of him.

They should meet, but how?

Is it not in these cases that what we call fate comes into play?

Wi-Fi password. Here’s a suggestion.

He, dirty rich, who steals what is now available to everyone.

Sounds incredible, right?

And yet it’s true.

What if Ares did it on purpose, because he also keeps a place in his heart for the beautiful and sweet Raquel?

Are you saying too good to be true?


But who said dreams can’t come true?

Ariana Godoy he gives us a seemingly trivial love story, a story that has come into existence under such an absurd pretext that it is perfect to take us with us through these sweet and slightly bitter pages.

Pages populated by characters that we immediately feel like old friends who want to listen a little for fun. And some consolation in the heavy blows that life will inflict on them.

A story dedicated to incurable romantics, those who believe that love is hidden around every corner, or those who just want to get out of the four gray walls and fly a little on these pages full of feelings.

The book, recently released, is a great help for those who really “can’t” read.

And if this symbiosis works, adaptations are welcome.

A book that can be savored or swallowed in one bite, like all the most beautiful love stories.

Dreaming and smiling a little are two things that will never tire you. And we must not forget about this. Never.

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