From My Window – Beyond the Sea, Netflix Movie Review

From My Window – Beyond the Sea Review: Cinematographically penned by Marcel Fores, based on the second novel of the Venezuelan Ariana Godoy’s trilogy, Beyond the Sea, out June 23 on Netflix, now lost in over-scenes and afters , The Kissing Booth, 50 Shades, and even Dad I Met a Friend brought in a flood of stolen subplots from other films.

From My Window - Beyond the Sea review: Spanish After, in the sequel, gets lost and goes in circles

“She makes a young inexperienced virgin fall in love with her handsome and cursed (and makes her a new and better man)”, despite bringing nothing new to the well-known anti-feminist cinematic topos. from my windowFilm directed by Markle Fores and based on the novels Ariana Godoy in 2022, had notable success among teen audiences Netflix. The reason for this is to optimize the same dynamics of titles with a large number of followers. 50 shades or even better Afterwards, giving it a more European dimension, concrete and more attentive to the language and conversation of today’s teenagers. hero of from my window, Raquel Mendoza (Clara Galle) and Ares Hidalgo (Julio Peña Fernández) are beautiful, but not overly so, and for that reason they are believable, and live with one foot in fiction and the other a little bit in reality. As we know, successes and sagas are handled with care, but making a product that truly stands out from the others is not in the director’s or Netflix’s interest. And here, on the platform from June 23, the second chapter of the painful history Love between Raquel and her Greek God: From My Window 2 – Beyond the Sea, again directed by Fores. through its review sequel And the second part of the trilogy, we will try to identify all the points where the film copies and pastes without making the slightest effort to invent anything and praise, instead, keep some positive things so as to bring about a change. can be tried. ,

across the ocean from my window 5

From My Window: Beyond the Sea – a scene from the film

We find Ares and Raquel battling a year of university that wants to tear them apart. He was in Stockholm to study medicine and she was in Barcelona to start her writing career. Emails, messages, phone sex, lots of sadness, old memories and finally a summer vacation that could bring them together… or tear them apart? In an attempt to expand the perspective beyond the two protagonists to make itself more palatable and collective, from my window 2 It feels like a split second, two movies in one, distracting and above all focusing on the stories of Yoshi (Guillermo Lasheras), Artemis (Eric Masip), Apollo (Hugo Arbuez), Thus straying from the path, leaving the path among its heroes Many paths to follow. If the strong point of the first film was the strong and touching relationship between its protagonists that made the already seen flyover, the second chapter, not being able to focus entirely on it, leaves it on the sidelines. , walks in circles.

a patchwork film

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From My Window: Beyond the Sea – a shot from the film

It’s now a trend, it’s now a business: Bringing young adult literary sagas to the big screen or, more often, via streaming, is an almost automatic investment, especially romantic-erotic tales. Despite criticisms (often ours) not exactly enthusiastic, changes in cinema work but even better they spark us across platforms with Netflix to invest. is a matter of from my windowevent compared to tudum has already announced the arrival of the third chapter as if to make a pact with the fans. To us a lack of originality is perhaps the trademark of this franchise. We haven’t read the novel, but it’s easy to imagine it being excerpted from other books, specifically, this second film. greatest similarity from my window shares with Afterwards, the American film with Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin which is supposed to inaugurate the fifth chapter, will release in September 2023. Although the starting point is different between the films, because, in our case, as the title suggests, it is Raquel obsessed with the neighbor, rich, spoiled and womanizing Ares, the original shadowiness of the male protagonist due to the inexperience of the female interpreter and similar to reality. We see the same dynamic in the sexual relationship between the two, she as a virgin initiated into the joy of sex by him.

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From my window: beyond the sea – an image

However, Spanish cinema has always had the European positivity of showing bodies more freely and expressing emotions better, a winning ingredient in the first chapter. What’s left of it at this moment? From AfterwardsWe go straight into a sequel-style situation kissing boothAnother Netflix success. At their much-needed summer vacation reunion, Raquel and Ares must contend with college mates and Ares’s suspicious friend Vera (ANDREA CHAPARO), just as Noah and Elle did with the glamorous Chloe. with movie scam Because it’s becoming a collective film, From My Window: Beyond the Sea takes other routes, including ones that miss my girl papa i found a friend (with almost quote-simulations) and inevitable pretty in pink Because best friends in love like Yoshi (Guillermo Lasheras) are always the descendants of Ducky (Jon Cryer).

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From couple to choral film

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From My Window: Across the Sea – A View

Perhaps knowing that the suffering between Raquel and Ares couldn’t last three movies (or even three books), from my window 2 He reveals his desire to expand his narrative universe and bring back characters who had been relegated to the background in the first chapter, starting with Yoshi. Will the boy be able to live life as a brother’s friend instead of Raquel’s lover and free himself from this bondage to find his love?

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From My Window: Beyond the Sea – a frame from the film

The film tries to give him a chance just as it places an adult relationship, a glimmer of light (maybe?) between the impeccable and very strict eldest son of the Hidalgo family, Artemis, and one of his employees, Claudia? ) in a life marked by duty. And finally, Hidalgo Baby, Apollo: Gay? heterosexual? Shy but ready to blossom. With all these characters and the story being open and awkward attempts at closure, maybe a TV series would be the best idea. The slimy, crumbly texture would have had a natural exit.

style that entertains

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From My Window: Beyond the Sea – a scene from the film

We often think about the reasons for the success of these products and these operations from my window – across the sea answers these questions with a consecutive style that entertains As always, sex, unfiltered language, flashy shots and rich staging with a touch of music. From the first minutes, everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail, it always seems like it’s inside a video clip and you go through a strange atmosphere blue Lagoon Full of elation and display of naked bodies left for enjoyment and contemplation.

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From My Window: Beyond the Sea – a scene from the film

There are three bars of unexpected musical interludes that sympathize with the music and showcase the singing skills of some of the film’s cast. It contains profanity, explicit sexual references, and dialogue between boys that does justice, at least to some extent, to today’s teenagers. To better enjoy these positives and go beyond the obvious representation of a toxic relationship, we recommend looking in the original language for a concrete and plausible rendition of the tone and intent.


At the end of our review of From My Window – Beyond the Sea, the sequel to the movie based on Ariana Godoy’s trilogy of novels, we hold a little hope in the third chapter that will come from this second chapter. The toxic and painful relationship between the two protagonists, Raquel (Clara Galle) and Ares (Julio Peña Fernandez) is in the chorus, which does nothing but copy-copy from other movies and go around in circles, reaching no conclusion. .

because we like it

  • He has a sophisticated style between video clips and music.
  • She’s not afraid to show “young” sex and language without being censored.

What’s wrong

  • It’s the usual copy paste for patchwork plots from other movies.
  • This opens up collectivity by shifting the focus of the film without being able to maintain narrative coherence.
  • He postpones everything, makes no effort to finish anything, so that the audience can wait for the third film.

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