From Plácido Domingo to Camila Sodi; artists who have Covid-19


The famous have not been saved from contracting the coronavirus Covid-19, which has already claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world and as public figures have tried to keep calm and serve as an example for everyone to follow the instructions of health and to avoid more infections.

These are some of the stars of tv, film and music both national and international, who have announced the contagion and you are now requesting in their networks than people staying at home:

Camila Sodi
The actress and singer was informed by means of their social networks that she and her daughter of 9 years old were also infected with the Covid-19. The actress in addition to reporting your situation, also asked his followers to be careful especially to those who already have the disease.

“I started having all the symptoms and then my daughter felt very bad. Her-yes we did the test because I had a high fever and came out positive, which means that I am also positive,” said the actress.

The former academica Jolette through a video that went up to your social networks where you can see him on a stretcher and with a mask, revealed that she also suffers from coronavirus.

Esteban Arce
The driver of “Espresso in the morning,” Forum Tv, was also positive in his test COVID-19, was his partner Alejandra Aguayo who commented on the state of health of his companion, informing them that he was okay and that there were no major symptoms, but I had to be in quarantine.

Odalys Ramírez
The television personality Odalys Ramirez is one of the affected by the virus, he explained that it gave as much when after you finish your broadcast dl news “on The Air with Paola Rojas”, he felt that sitting him was gasping for air, so did a test Covid-19, to which he gave a positive.

Patricio Borghetti
For his part, Patricio Borghetti, partner of Ramirez, also caught the disease from coronavirus, although it posted a video on its social network, where he explains that he has not had any symptoms yet, also asked its supporters to be quiet and to not be afraid.

Horacio Franco
The flautist and conductor of the Capella Varroca Mexico, Horacio Franco, has also tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from a tour in New York city.

Hilde Lara
The vocalist of the Group Yndio, was the first confirmed case with coronavirus in Tijuana. Lara the test was conducted after the bassist of the group, Audomaro Perez, tested positive.

Famous International

Plácido Domingo
The Spanish singer Placido Domingo also reported on their social networks that tested positive for coronavirus.

He also unveiled that despite the fact that you have a cough and fever is well and that both he and his family are in isolation and with the medication in a timely manner.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
The american actor Tom Hanks and his wife, actress and singer Rita Wilsonwere the first stars of Hollywood in announcing his infection last march 12.

“We feel a little tired, as if we had the flu, and with physical pain. Rita had colds coming and going. To make things right, as they are needed, we were subjected to test for Coronavirus, and it turned out positive,” wrote Hanks in his official Twitter account.

Idris Elba
The british actor Idris Elba, famous for his participation in films like “Avengers”, also announced the 16 of march to be positive, broke the news also through their social networks, where he explained that he was put in quarantine.

Itziar Ituño
Actress Itziar Ituño, who plays the inspector Murillo at “The House of Paper”, confirmed few days ago that proved positive to the virus.

Christopher Hivju
The actor Christopher Hivju, from the hit series “Game of Thrones”, gave also positive Covid – 19.

The virus does not honor or royalty

Prince Albert II
The prince Albert II, head of State of Monaco, was positive, according to the spokesmen of the palace is stable, without any risk.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles of the United Kingdom, also caught the disease from coronavirus, sources close to the royal house, they claim that both he and Camilla are in good health, and through their social networks, have given their gratitude to the samples of affection of the people.

Josh Wallwork, the actor best known for being part of the series “Law and Order”, died of complications caused by coronavirus to 45 years of age..

Mark Blum
The actor of 69 years of age, Mark Blum, was also a victim of the Covid-19 and died also because of the complications he was creating the virus.



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