from relegation to Madrid and his favorite hit

History will forever reflect that River was champion of the Liberators in view of Mouth, at the Bernabéu, with Rodolfo D’Onofrio as president. That unforgettable milestone for all of Núñez came to cover that memory of the descent that caused so much pain in the club. Days after finishing his eight-year term at the head of the club, he recalled both events and puffed out his chest.

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“The descent was something that hurt, there is no doubt. At that time it was celebrated by many people and we have the eternal glory of Madrid. Today, for the River fan, the descent is like a day that happened, but what I will never forget again is what happened in Madrid “said D’Onofrio. And to give even more importance to that historical meeting, he recalled a phrase from Mauricio Macri.

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D'Onofrio in Madrid with Gallardo.

D’Onofrio in Madrid with Gallardo.

“Someone who was president of Boca said that whoever lost that game, for 20 years was not going to be able to forget. You have to tell him that just three have passed … There are still 17 to celebrate”he added with a smile during his participation in the Superf Fútbol program (TyC Sports).

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Regarding that eternal final, D’Onofrio stressed that “I did not like that they take the Argentina game and it was a mistake on the side of the people who took a ticket”, although from the point of view of the show he celebrated the move to the stadium of Real Madrid: “It was something that placed Argentine football in the world and everyone saw that we won 3-1, ha. But with the River fans it is a debt because they wanted to see it at the Monumental.”

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Clenched fist of the president in Madrid.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

Clenched fist of the president in Madrid. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

D’Onofrio’s favorite hit and an emotional anecdote

“There is a song that when I arrived as president, I prohibited it. We came to Barrio 31 to work and help the boys to live a different situation and we took them to the field. One day, I saw a boy crying. I don’t remember if he was Paraguayan or Bolivian, but I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he went to the platform and his companions sang a song that offended hima “, tore.

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“That’s when I realized the nonsense he sang when I was a fan. You have to understand that in the songs you have to respect everyone. I used to sing that song to the Boca fans and what I asked people was that that song not be sung anymore. I don’t forget that boy and his pain anymore. “

Faced with this situation, D’Onofrio chose his current hit: “The one they sing all the time and when you put a sound on it explodes is What the chola wants, from Los Palmeras. It’s tremendous.”

The hit was reverted by River fans and the famous “How does your …” It also became one of Gallardo’s favorite songs: “I sang the song, it’s catchy, ha. Without disrespecting anyone”, recognized the deté.

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