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Some time ago, due to the illegal mining of gold in the Madre de Dios River and the use of mercury in the mining process, Ramiro Kadima, a toxicologist at the Viedma Hospital, said that various damages were caused due to exposure to mercury. People are on mercury.

“This shows that mercury can enter the body in different ways, there’s elemental mercury. There’s inorganic mercury and organic mercury … the toxicity of elemental and inorganic mercury may be less important, depending on the duration of exposure.”

Organic mercury is “concerning” because it is converted to methylmercury, ingested by fish, and then reaches humans, he added.

“There are some fish that have this form, methylmercury, and they get to us through these forms. Remember, many of us eat fish for a living. If these fish contain mercury, it will build up in my body, and in the long run See, it hurts me. “My health problems”.

Methylmercury can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, he said.

“Or respiratory symptoms, whether it affects the bronchi or pneumonia, but muscle and joint symptoms can also occur due to damage to the nervous system. It also affects the kidneys and liver. It all depends on the time of exposure to mercury”.

chronic disease patients

Cadima said the groups of concern are children and pregnant women.

“Hercury has been shown to pass from the mother to the pregnant individual and to have effects on the developing nervous system of the fetus.”

He said that in the past experience, there have been minors with cognitive deficits.

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