From Shaquille O’Neal to Michael Jordan – Drake’s NBA rankings drop year by year

While the NBA wasn’t always popular, once it took off it attracted mainstream attention. As a result, celebrity interactions, sightings, and crossovers have become extremely common. But there are two sides to this mainstream appeal. While the NBA has captured this essence, the entertainment industry as a whole has also embraced the entire world of basketball. However, the greatest collaboration between the two worlds generally occurs in music. While Drake has huge appeal among his NBA fans, his interaction and inclusion with NBA superstars does play a role in his general popularity.

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While big-name stars like Kevin Hart and J. Kerr have played major roles in various All-Star games over the years, Drake remains a permanent fixture in NBA circles, in part because of his time with the Toronto Rams. Dragons fans. Additionally, his constant references to superstar talent are a regular highlight of any of his new music. Over the years, the five-time Grammy winner has penned lyrics featuring NBA talent. Here is a ranking of the top 10 best such instances.

10-8: The old, the new and Michael Jordan


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For the most recent one, let’s look at one from 2019, no new friends. “H-Town is my second home, like I am James Harden.Because of the icon’s ties to Houston, mentioning the city wasn’t an issue for him. Additionally, the song’s lyrics were very timely at the height of the James Harden trade saga.

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in his hit 10 bands, Drake would mention the immortal Michael Jordan. While it’s not the epitome of his MJ lyrics, it does serve as a beautiful tribute to the NBA legend. I got a few free boxes of Jordans, just like when I played for North Carolina. ” What followed, however, was one of his best NBA buzz-calling passes.

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Although the state of the NBA All-Star Game has declined significantly in recent times, at its peak, it was one of the most anticipated nights in the NBA’s history.This is a reference to those iconic times that made weston road traffic The lyrics are so iconic. I’ve been stupid since Vince Carter got his legs and arms stuck in the basket. ” VC’s iconic dunk has stood the test of time and remains one of the best dunks in NBA history. The next set of the best Drake lyrics is just around the corner, though.

Next Three: Home and Stephen Curry

Due to his close relationship with Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors superstar is mentioned multiple times in Drake’s discography. Like my jersey says 30, man, I’m talented. ” Aligning yourself with Curry might be the most perfect comparison for the superstar.

Both are recent arrivals, taking their industries by storm and becoming undeniable. And, as the lyrics say, just like Steph has been an automatic since 3, Drake is a certified hunk every time. Likewise, with his connection to his hometown and near-mania for Toronto, mention of the team’s buzzer-beater is inevitable.

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First, it’s an ode to hometown legend DeMar DeRozan. During his time with the Sixers, DeRozan became as much of a fan favorite as anyone. therefore, “My city loves me like DeMar DeRozanDesde Lemon Pepper Freestyle Become beautiful instantly.

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Likewise, Kawhi Leonard’s iconic jump shot against the Philadelphia 76ers certainly deserves a mention from the two-time Britt Award winner.So, iconic When I shoot, it’s the kawaii way, it goes inEnter Pain 1993. While his hometown level was on full display, his most iconic lines do include some of the league’s absolute greatest.

Before the Winners – Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Throughout his nearly 21-year career, the three-time Juno Award winner couldn’t help but mention legends in league history. So it’s no surprise that these lyrics ended up being some of the Canadian’s best work.Like this lyric comes from accustomed to About Shaquille O’Neal.

“Shaq posted on n***** that I’ve posted posters before”. The line is instantly brilliant, has a beautiful rhyme, and pays homage to the Los Angeles Lakers legend. However, that wasn’t his best job for the Lakers. That honor belongs to LeBron James. During his career, king james You’ve crossed 6 and 23 many times.However, Drake took the subtlety out of the change, going from nonstop.

How do I go from No. 6 to No. 23, like I’m LeBron? “ While it’s just a play on words, the lyrics have a deeper meaning. Just like LeBron went from No. 6 to GOAT, just like Jordan went from No. 23, Drake went from No. 6 in Toronto to being the best in the business.

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But one of the greatest lyrics of all time written by Drake and an NBA superstar also happens to contain the greatest lyrics of all time.for this song 9, The 36-year-old Grammy winner wrote: “MJ in every way, I just won’t disappear. “ Like Michael’s fame, Drake may never go out of style. An ode to the six-time NBA champion’s iconic fadeaway shot is the perfect conclusion to this time-honored lyric.

However, the best Drake lyrics of all time come as no surprise. It was what put him on the NBA map, earned the greatest shooter in NBA history an iconic nickname, and ushered in a whole new era for the NBA.

Chef Curry is holding a pot, boy

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Although his record is one of the most iconic in NBA lore, this lyric comes from 0 to 100 Undoubtedly the biggest blow. A truly sensational lyric comes to life to cap off a historic season for the Warriors.

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It’s a fucking layup/I’m Steph Curry shooting the ball/Keeping cooking with the sauce/Chef Curry with the pot, boy.” To this day, Chef Curry remains an important part of today’s NBA legend. Until something more iconic comes along, it’s unlikely any lyric will top Drake’s greatest NBA lyrics. While the debate between Steph and the Magic point guard may continue, that honor undoubtedly belongs to the only unanimous MVP in league history. But as long as he’s in the lab making new music, there’s a chance.


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