From shy boy to rebellious boy

who would have thought Victoria Federica de Marichalar y Borbón will be a model of fashion and style! Not so long ago, it looked nothing like what it looks like today. When she was 17 years old, she had her curly long hair tied into braids, her eyebrows were untouched, her clothes were not elegant enough, and her skin was covered with acne.

The third granddaughter of King Juan Carlos and King Sofia, she stood out in childhood for her sweet smile, calm attitude and gentle gestures, which for some reason she often held a sock in her hand .As he entered adolescence, he remained cautious and wary, despite Beneath the exterior lies a restless soul, full of desire to explore the world.Fully enjoying and dedicating his life to the passion he shared with his father Jaime de Marichalar: fashion.

I’m not as studious as they thought.

At the time, Victoria was a sophomore in high school at St. George School in La Moraleja. She was known as a diligent student.. Therefore, when the following year he decided to enter the School of International Studies (the same university where his brother Felipe Juan Froilan attended), some voices commented: “Let’s see if he does better than Better” because the boy didn’t like him. books are widely known.

Neither Froilan nor Victoria Federica liked studying.

However, Victoria began to follow a similar path to her brother. Before graduating from high school, while staying at the Alfonso XIII Hotel in Seville, She had a heated argument with her mother in the elevator. Princess Elena snapped at him: “You do what you want. You were here at seven in the morning and I’ve had enough. It’s all going to end.” But anger was useless.

Although his older brother made headlines for his nighttime escapades, he still managed to graduate, The young woman chose to give up her studies Just a year and a half later, she was focusing on her career as an “influencer,” much to the anger and despair of her parents, especially Princess Elena.

matador and disc jockey

During this period, she had done some pranks, such as sharing an electric scooter with friends, driving in the wrong direction or on the sidewalk. park your car anywhere Or kissing a handsome bullfighter in public, which would be highly inappropriate for a member of the King’s immediate line.

After breaking up with Matador, she began a relationship with “disc jockey” Jorge Bárcenas, and when “La Zarzuela” began to be published, many people were horrified. niece of felipe vi I’m dating a guy who does nightlife.

Nearly two years ago, Victoria took her first steps as a professional “influencer” when she ignored the royal family’s precepts of caution and wore a spectacular model by Lorenzo Caprile for a “photo shoot.” , on the one hand, start polishing your “look”, and also Forget about being polite in front of the media.

Since then, she’s walked the red carpet, posed with celebrities like Omar Montez and Rihanna, and shared bikini photos promoting an exclusive resort. therefore, Brand Sweepstakes and Victoria has begun to consolidate its position in the world of social networks safely and without complications.

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