From the controversy to the goal: Independiente requested a penalty against Boca and then the first came

The whole stadium saw a hand from Izquierdoz in the area, but the referee did not charge and, after the corner kick, Benavidez made it 1-0.

Controversy Independent Boca

Independent and Mouth they play a key duel in the Professional League For the classification to the cups and from the beginning there was already controversy after an accurate attack by the local team that led to a ball against Izquierdoz’s arm: the whole stadium asked for a penalty, but the referee awarded the corner kick and automatically after the goal came of the Red.

It was running just over a quarter of an hour in the Libertadores de América and the Devils executed an attack by Fabricio Bustos, who unloaded and went to look for the wall with his partner. At this point, he reached the bottom line and when he sent the center, the ball clearly hit the arm of Cali, although Pablo Echavarría interpreted that it had been purely accidental.

Then the game ran and, from the corner kick and a subsequent clearance by Xeneize, the first came in Avellaneda. Saltita González stayed with the rebound, opened the ball for Velasco and he released a high-speed center that got into the middle of five blue and gold bodies so that Carlos Benavidez put the 1-0.

Independent – Boca Goal of Carlos Benavídez 1-0


Independent - Boca Goal of Carlos Benavídez 1-0

Boca sought to equalize before going to rest, but a tremendous version of Sebastian Sosa under the three sticks prevented it. The Independiente goalkeeper had more than one cover that saved his team from losing the lead.


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