From the immigration office in Draghi, Georgia Meloni heads to Budapest.

From the League side they say that “it will be a crescendo until Sunday. Then it will stop, at least a little” On Sunday, because Pontida, the League party, will be there. Marine Le Pen as the guest of honor, and he, “Matteo (Salvini, ed.) prepares the right climate” However, it is easier than league leader don’t take your foot off the gas pedal until next June, when we vote to renew the 705 members of the European Parliament.

Because the strategy is clear: do to the Brothers of Italy what the Brothers did to the League when it ruled, first with Conte 1 and then with Draghi.. In a word, empty them. It is unclear at what height Salvini has set the bar. It’s clear he wants to be “consistently in double digits.” The point is to get back at least some of the votes that Meloni stole from him. The detail is that today these two rule together. And that He opposes Her.

The plan is too clear and includes all the fronts open to the government: from immigration to the budget law, from alliances in the European elections to the appointment of Mario Draghi. as Europe’s adviser on competitiveness, a role that entails many European problems, starting with the administrative form – federal, yes or no – as well as the political form that the old continent will want to give in a world that is changing so quickly. .

Besides a little role play, the reasons for the real tension between the two leaders make it difficult for the majority to govern. And holding the government. Among them, undoubtedly, there are immigration. Meloni’s latest decision, made two weeks ago, is to centralize the dossier in the Palazzo Chigi and entrust it to increasingly “influential” and “listened to” Alfredo Mantovano he angered Salvini.

After the Cutro tragedy, the government had to change its approachSearch and rescue operations in waters under Italian jurisdiction are proceeding at a rapid pace, a European solution has been established – legal channels of entry and agreements with countries of departure – but it cannot produce immediate results.

Patience is needed; a solution is close also because Europe needs labor.“Von der Leyen said in contact with Prime Minister Meloni in the last hours. Number of landings – 7,000 people in 48 hours, 136 thousand since the start of the year, more than double last year – and the unstoppable coming and going of iron boats they have witnessed in recent days However, it puts the Prime Minister in a corner: from the point of view of the media, it is no longer possible to ignore the situation (as long as they succeed); Salvini has broken all restrictions and is attacking with his head down.. Using the same arguments that opposition leader Meloni would use.

The only thing that works is my decrees, we must close the ports, build a naval wall, no landings.– the League secretary has been repeating for several days, adding ridiculous conspiracy theories. Moreover, the government still does not know what to do with the promised security decree to increase expulsions. The truth is that there is no one way. The Ministry of Internal Affairs knows this well. And we, of course, cannot return to old and unconstitutional decrees.

Georgia Meloni’s hands are tied – like anyone else who is faced with such epochal phenomena – and is forced to act out parodies like the one that happened yesterday with Orbán in Budapest, when he said: “We fight to protect God, families and identity“, conventional identity and sovereignist refrain, in pure Vox style. Just to keep up with Salvini.

Another issue that distances the two leaders is the European match, in which the figure of Mario Draghi has returned to the scales since yesterday.. Salvini tolerates this. Melony needs to put on a good face. None of them knew anything about it. This is a targeted consultation, that’s true. But if we talk about Mario Draghi, about “by all means”, part two about the competitiveness of “Made in Europe”, and all this coincides with the manifesto article published by the former Prime Minister in the Economist a week ago, and the beginning election campaign. campaign for Europeans, in short, it is difficult to believe that cooperation is not destined to take other forms (denied by the headquarters of the interested party).

“We need to look ahead and determine how to remain competitive at this stage. For this reason, I asked Mario Draghi, one of Europe’s best economic minds, to produce a report on European competitiveness.. The union will do “everything possible” to maintain its competitive advantage, he said. Von der Leyen who actually ran for a second term with a very clear economic program. What about Draghi’s oversight?

It is no coincidence that this assignment followed an article in the Economist magazine in which the former prime minister outlined a “very difficult period” during which “the old Union no longer exists.” because the pillars on which its prosperity rested had collapsed: “America for security, China for export, Russia for energy.” Hence the need for a new Europe with new rules, including budgets, and more general sovereignty to deal with the challenges of the future. In a word, federal Europe. Which to the right, all of them, even the one where Meloni is from, is a kind of blasphemy.

Von der Leyen’s speech and Draghi’s task must be viewed through a progressive lens.. So did Manfred Weber, the leader of the EPP, who in the last hours abandoned any hypothesis about the expansion of the right’s next European majority. A majority in which Meloni was convinced that she was dealing the cards thanks to “her” conservatives. Even without Salvini, who stubbornly adheres to the right-right scheme for governing the Europe of the future. Now everything is up in the air again. And Georgia went to Orban to understand something.

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