From ‘The Warren Files’ to ‘Hereditary’: The 10 Greatest Horror Movies That Defined the Past Decade

2013 - The Warren Files

When one approaches a film, one tries to shed all possible expectations so as not to lose the option of discovering real enthusiasm or, conversely, not feeling disappointed, that feeling of being really hurt. with “The Warren Files” It’s almost impossible not to sit in a chair with your hands ready to clap James Wan’s film has managed to gather rave reviews since its release in U.S. theaters. And, all of that, being a horror movie, the genre desperately needs a film to match its great canon.

Fortunately, The Warren Files was the one we sold. In fact, probably more. It’s always a good thing to see a horror movie that makes you jump into your seat and head home by turning on all the lights you find along the way, but Wan also achieves this through nostalgia and honest homage. Some of the most powerful and memorable scenes of his admirable career. In the end, it turns out the trick wasn’t in the blood, or the 3D space, or the remake, no, the triumph was in making all the universal fears and old tricks, open doors, unknown noises or disturbing dolls, look new.. Achieve victory on every level.

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