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Love and hate, support and competition: in family dynamics, sibling relationships are some of the most complex. And when personal and human events are accompanied by social and professional ones, the difficulties increase, often intensified by the echo of the press and the glare of public attention.

In 2023, the complex relationship between Harry and his brother William, first in line following the coronation of his father, King Charles III, is at the center of social news. European streaming platform presents a selection of documentaries focusing on some of the world’s most famous brothers, from Harry, Duke of Sussex and William, Prince of Wales to the saga of Versace and Kennedy. , the stories of the Williams sisters, Beyoncé and Solange Knowles.

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Harry is against it. William – Knife Brothers in the House of Windsor?

In the British monarchy the right of the firstborn is inviolable and, no matter how much self-sacrifice the younger son may show, he can never receive the privileges of the elder unless the latter dies. This rule has long plagued the relationship between Prince William of Wales and Harry, Duke of Sussex, creating expectations and conflicts and generating unhelpful comparisons. Today, between the balance of power and personal events, the relationship between the two royals appears to be irrevocably broken: Harry vs. Harry documentary William – Knife Brothers at the House of Windsor? who, together with psychologists and monarchy experts, analyzes the most classic and universal family conflicts.

Venus and Serena – From the Ghetto to the Lawns of Wimbledon

Growing up in Compton, California, among the worst ghettos in the United States, Venus and Serena Williams learned to play tennis with the encouragement of their father, who also acted as mentor and manager, who had never played ball. Breaking the mold, the two stars rose to the top of the world rankings, collecting trophies and prize money and breaking an endless series of records. Their story is told in Venus and Serena: From the Ghetto to the Lawns of Wimbledon, a documentary that follows the lives of two women who forever changed the face of tennis.

Kennedy – American dynasty

For nearly a century, the Kennedys were considered “royalty” with the stars and stripes. Irish in origin, they have attracted endless interest for decades, fueled by media and writers who have sought to uncover their secrets amid the drama and scandals beginning with those involving Democratic President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Of the nine children of Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald, the founding couple of the “dynasty”, six went on to have political careers, but after the assassinations of JFK in 1963 and Robert five years later, what was the fate of the remaining brothers: “overshadowed” by double tragedy? Kennedy – An American Dynasty tells this story.

Beyoncé and Solange – Queen and Princess

Beyonce and Solange Knowles: so similar, but so different. The first is the queen of world pop music, the second had to fight to declare herself in the soul. The documentary, Beyoncé & Solange: Queen and Princess, traces the journey from their hometown of Houston, Texas to where they both occupy the music scene today. and “Queen Bee” husband Jay-Z.

The Versace Saga

In the late seventies, Gianni Versace founded a small company that within a few years became a global empire, thanks in part to his brother Santo, who worked in financial markets, and his sister Donatella, who worked behind the scenes as creative director. . However, in 1997, at the height of his fame, the designer was murdered: a tragedy that signaled the decline of the fashion house. Instead, blood ties prevailed, prompting Donatella to take the reins of the company, managing to impose her leadership against all odds. The Versace saga tells the story of one of the most famous families in the fashion world, caught between fame and tragedy.

Dalida and Orlando – Brothers forever

Dalida, born Yolande Cristina Gigliotti, was one of the most popular singers in France: an icon with more than 120 million albums sold, who managed to cross eras. But if she became a star, it was also thanks to her younger brother Orlando, a devoted behind-the-scenes adviser who devoted his entire life to her – personal and professional – together creating the music world’s first independent label. Dalida and Orlando – Brothers Forever tells a story of unbreakable brotherly love, but also of pain that is impossible to process.

Klitschko – Two brothers, two icons of Ukraine

In Ukraine, the dream of Superman has the (double) face of Vitaly – the current mayor of Kiev – and Vladimir Klitschko: two icon brothers, two boxers, polyglots and doctors of sports sciences. Where was their myth born? How did they build their strength and then unleash it in the ring? “The Klitschkos – Two Brothers, Two Icons of Ukraine,” directed by Sebastian Denhardt, traces the path of two giants who dominated heavyweight boxing for many years, managing to never fight each other as they promised their mother.
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