From your favorite TV show. Singer Grimes showed the first stylish haircut of her son Elon Musk

Son Elon Musk and Grimes have a stylish new haircut (Photo: @Elon Musk / Twitter)

Canadian singer and girl Ilona Mask showed on Instagram the first stylish haircut of their eight-month-old son.

Elon Musk and Grimes’ young son, whom they named with the unusual name X AE A-Xii, now has a new hairstyle. The singer showed a photo of the eight-month-old baby in Instagram stories.

In one of the pictures, Grimes cuts her son’s hair with scissors in the bathroom, while the toddler is busy with his toys. The second photo shows the little X AE A-Xii with a new hairstyle inspired by her favorite TV series.

Photo: @ Grimes / Instagram

 I’m not sure if the hairstyle turned out to be successful, but he is now a Viking,” she captioned the published photos.

Photo: @ Grimes / Instagram

According to Grimes, the hairstyle is inspired by the Netflix series The Last Kingdom. She called the series a work of art. The fifth season of the TV show aired in April 2020.

Photo: @ Grimes / Instagram

Recall that X AE A-Xii, or whatever his name is at home, X, was born in May 2020. In a July interview with The New York Times, Elon Musk said that Grimes is now fully engaged in the child, since the task of the baby, according to him, at this stage is to also go to the toilet. “There is little I can do right now,” he said.