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with motto life lessons The 23rd Unete lottery was held grandly Help Me Live Foundation (Ayuvi)Ticket sales start on September 12, aiming to provide comprehensive treatment for children with cancer across the country National Unit of Pediatric Oncology (UNOP).

Guatemalans wishing to cooperate have until January 7, 2024, and funds raised will be used for treatment, transportation, medicines, shelter, nutrition, food bags, games, hospitals, spiritual and psychological support and other palliative services. minor.

Rosa María De Frade, president of Ayuvi’s board of directors, said they have successfully served more than 11,000 patients. “Thanks to the donations, we give them hope so that they can face and defeat this evil,” he stressed.

Ayuvi looks after 150 children every day.

He added that the disease does not equal death as seven out of 10 children can be cured if diagnosed early and adequately treated. Únete partner representative Jorge Girón noted that the cost of the intervention was approximately QR 450,000 and in this sense, “it is an honor to be part of this initiative and to make people more aware of Recognizing the ongoing struggle that
Families have to go through the entire process. ”

Girón added that the draw will consist of 10 weekly draws with prizes of QAR 3,000, with the final draw of QAR 100,000 to be held on February 8, 2024.To enter the draw, passes must be in

Wendi Villagrán Photographer: Mario León

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