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SOLO, KOMPAS.com– Have a sports bike, was the pride of their own for some people. In addition, they are a hobby tours or long journeys, in any case, very suitable for a motorcycle of this model.

But, it is a disease that often impact a motor sport, or motor, men, namely tank leak.

The quality of the material tank and the remaining fuel was the cause for the vulnerability of the tank is a leak.

This is due to the presence of water vapor from the empty space of the tank. Thereafter, the water will make the folds, the tank is slowly corroded and eventually become porous and leak.

If it has the engine to be made “uneasy is not infected with the disease of the owner”, because the condition of the engine is perfect.

Not a few, and then get in a panic and confused, because how to patch a motorcycle tank that leaked.

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In fact, in an emergency tank that is leaking can be patched with a material, the soap is very cheap and easily available, namely the bathroom.

Solution tank need for the change Ninja 250-old schoolStanly/Otomania Solution tank need for the change Ninja 250-old school

The patch, it’s not hard enough, with the paste of soap-bars to the tank that is leaking.

The owner of the workshop specialists Scorpio ASICS, Anang said, in a state of emergency patching of the tank that could run, in fact the bath soap to use.

“Stay closed, only the leaking section with soap can later be closed and not leaking again,” he said Kompas.com Sunday (8/3/2020).

But, Anang added, this is only for emergencies and temporary. But at least the owner of the vehicle does not mess around with the fuel to continue to drip.

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“In addition to the use of soap, also made of plastic, steel, or with liquid glue and sand can,” he said.

Tank corrosion not tanked due to often full.Fachri Fachrudin Tank corrosion not tanked due to often full.

Anang said, if you want the fillings of the tank could be brought should be durable to the welder special as in the cooler.

“Yes, if you want to, close perfectly and not leak again yeah brought it to a radiator let me welded and closed, the leaking,” he said.

The leaking tank engine this guy is already not a secret. Most of the owners of the iron horse is already there.