Fugitive in Germany carabinieri hunted down on vacation in Senigallia: arrested 58-year-old Sicilian


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Senigallia, 03/09/2023 – On Saturday evening, the carabinieri of the operational unit and the radio car arrested a 58-year-old man, originally from Sicily, but who has lived in Germany for many years.

The man was somewhere in Senigallia to spend his holidays with his family. Identified for several days now after intensive investigations, on Saturday evening the military tracked him down near Filottrano, where he went with the walls to celebrate the anniversary.

A quick check of the database confirmed that he was under a jail sentence issued by the court of Ancona in connection with a 2015 sentence for various crimes, with a sentence of 4 months, which was never carried out, for the man, knowing of the measure, made himself untraceable by emigrating to Germany.

Thus, the 58-year-old man was stopped, placed under arrest and taken to the Ancona prison, where he will serve his sentence.

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