Functions of Parts of the files, Similar to how AirDrop Appeared in the Android 11


MOUNTAIN VIEW – a feature of AirDrop is rated as the fastest and easiest way to transfer files between devices, mobile.

This option is automatically displayed in the sheet-share for applications, the support of everything through the use of Bluetooth and WiFi to the desired file on your Apple device in the vicinity, as quoted by Bbc.

Samsung is now offering something similar, the ability to Quickly Share on series Galaxy S20. However, the native support for Android-file transfer is still limited to the latest Bluetooth-sharing and solution Gmail/Drive, internet connection required.

Not long again, there may be a direct competitor to the AirDrop, the built-in Android, for example, reports Engadget.

In the release notes of the developer preview of Android 11 second, Google is an interesting note, “If the exchange of files with the Quick release between the two device-Pixel-4 the operation was completed successfully, but the UI is not said is located on the device the file that he received a file”.include

Google has invested heavily in the construction of the operating system the latest. You continue to iOS, when it comes to advanced features, a premium.


Source: Okezone