Fundraiser to repatriate hospitalized man

They launch fundraiser to repatriate Extremadurans hospitalized in Puerto Rico

Chema Cid’s partner, a 47-year-old from Merida who had been hospitalized in Puerto Rico for a month and a half, had launched a large “crowdfunding” campaign, or Internet fundraising, to try to raise money to pay for a medical plane to take him to the hospital. Back to Spain.

Ana Heredia explained that she took this step “before the politicians didn’t act” and because “the insurance we bought on the trip confirmed that it wouldn’t deal with any of these issues”. The pair traveled to Miami at the end of May, where they stayed for two weeks while Chema Cid worked as a maintenance technician in Puerto Rico.

They traveled to the latter country after a stay in Miami, and just a day after the island, the man from Extremadura suffered a heart attack. Anna was found without a pulse in the apartment where they lived, and after performing CPR on him, she called 911. The health department took Cid to Federico Trilla Hospital, where he had been hospitalized for 46 days. During that time, his health suffered various setbacks, including pneumonia associated with multidrug-resistant bacteria sometimes found in operating rooms.

Ana Heredia, who is staying with her partner in Puerto Rico, explained that she “needs to return to Spain as soon as possible.” “First, he guarantees so that they repeat all the tests in the hospital and get specialties that are not as well developed in Puerto Rico. Then, they are treated in specific centers for neurologically injured patients.

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