funny but really sad songs

It can be so sad, but so sad that it seems that there are no songs that can adequately convey this feeling. Perhaps, however, we are looking among the wrong ones. After all, not all painful songs have the same melancholic melody.: Discovering the backstory of some seemingly hilarious songs can help make sense of their desperation.

We do it for you: in the next difficult moment, we will all be prepared with a beautiful playlist of unexpectedly sad songs, from which a lump in the throat will tighten and squeeze out so many tears for us – and only for us – that not even a complete Joy Division discography.

Dancing unleashed the end of toxic love

Hey Ya! Outcasts

Rhythm, explosion of sounds, celebratory video clip and Andre 3000’s wild dances. Apparently, nothing would lead to the association Hey Ya! Outcast to any sorrow. Instead, it’s a love song (like the entire 2003 album). Speakerboxxx / Love Downstairs), exploring a relationship that seems to go on more by inertia than real feelings.

“If they say / “Nothing lasts forever” / Then what makes (…) / Love an exception? / So why, oh why, oh / Why, oh why, oh why, oh / Are we so in denial when we know we’re not happy here?

Not even Hey Ya! we will no longer be able to dance it with such carelessness as before.

oh mom ABBA

Who would have thought that the most popular party song actually has sad lyrics? Well, yes: oh momthe 1976 ABBA hit, so representative that it gave the name to a musical dedicated to the Swedish band, as well as a 2008 film with Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried, is actually the sonic embodiment of toxic love.

“I’ve been angry and sad about what you’re doing / I can’t count all the times I’ve told you we’ve been through / And when you leave when you slam the door / I think you know you won’t be out too long / You know I’m not that strong.”

Let’s all *don’t forget to sing ABBA out loud and don’t call the ex who *ghost* us bad. oh mom.

Current problems in unearthly but very sad songs

Foster the People college shooting

Can’t forget the whistling intro Pumped up Kicksan expensive and changeable song that we sang throughout 2011. the lyrics to Foster the People are actually about the phenomenon of American college shootings..

“You better run, you better run, get away from my gun / All the other boys with big kicks / Better run, better run faster than my bullet.”

Definitely less light to whistle along the way to the sea.

Illegal immigration by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Children’s choirs and the name can be deceiving, but paper planes by MIA is certainly not an easy song. Born out of her very personal delusions about obtaining an entry visa to the United States (the singer is an English citizen, originally from Sri Lanka), the song describes stereotypes about illegal migrants who, armed with false documents and weapons, can only threaten and rob the population:

“All I want to do / Is take your money,” the children’s songs are repeated, interspersed with gunfire.

Spanish Civil War as described by Clash

Spanish bombs by the Clash has this upbeat rhythmic beat, perfect for talking about the Spanish Civil War.comparing it with the attacks of the Basque separatists on some resorts of the Costa del Sol.

Many references to Joe Strummer in the song’s lyrics: Andalusia was the first Spanish region conquered by the fascists (“Spanish Songs in Andalusia”), Federico García Lorca was a Republican Andalusian poet killed in an uprising (“Fredrico Lorca is dead and gone”), then again “Spanish weeks in my disco casino, freedom fighters died on the hill”, “Or do I hear the echo of the days of the 39th?”.

An easy topic to touch on in a punk song that will then make several generations dance, often unaware of the true meaning of the words.

Death but make it sound happy

Dialogues with the underworld small talk About monsters and people

At the end of 2011, we stopped singing for a moment pumped up beats to dedicate yourself to the new release: small talk. Debut single by Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men, the song turned out so groovy and fun that it became the soundtrack to a series of commercials on television and in movies.

However, during an interview with Interview Magazine, the band’s singer and guitarist Nanna Brindis Hilmarsdóttir said that she was inspired in writing the lyrics by an elderly couple who had lived in her house for over thirty years, separated only from death. So the song, which focuses on Vodafone’s offerings, is about an old woman talking to her dead husband.

“You’re gone, gone, gone / I’ve watched you disappear / All that’s left is the ghost of you / Now we’re torn, torn, torn.”

It’s actually about communication, but I don’t think a sim card is enough for that.

The Grim Reaper outside Kiss’s concert Detroit Rock City

Hard rock Kiss and their anthem is a completely different genre. Detroit Rock City: clearly a fun song to celebrate the desire to have fun, but what it actually hides a dark real story.

During the tour before the release of the album destroyers, the boy was hit by a car right near the concert arena. Guitarist Paul Stanley was so impressed that he decided to write a song about the incident in collaboration with producer Bob Ezrin.

“Twelve o’clock, I have to rock / There’s a truck ahead, the lights are staring into my eyes / My God, there’s no time to turn around / I have to laugh because I know I’m going to die.”


Perhaps the upbeat melody helps banish deeply unhappy themes, and in some cases the sound has transformed as the song has taken shape. The result is a kind of gap between the text and the notes: a crack that creeps into even the most fearless hearts, but which allows melancholy to whistle.

Article by Federica Mingarelli

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