funny romantic comedy trailer starring Anne Hathaway, Peter Dinklage and Marisa Tomei

Comedy Rebecca Miller with Anne Hathaway and Peter Dinklage “She Came to Me” opened the Berlin Film Festival. Here is the original trailer.

We represent trailer From she came to mequirky and very enjoyable romantic comedy from Rebecca Miller with three exceptional translators: Peter Dinklage and Oscar-winning actresses Ann Hataway AND Marisa Tomei like you’ve never seen before. The film opened the Berlin Film Festival and received high praise from the public. In America, it is preparing to be released in cinemas on September 29, and we hope that sooner or later it will also hit our cinemas.

She Came to Me: A Quirky Romantic Comedy

To the cinema Peter Dinklage he is an opera composer in a crisis of inspiration. He lives with his wife Patricia (Ann Hataway), a psychoanalyst with an obsession with cleanliness. Looking around for inspiration for his new job in the stories of the people he meets, the man meets Katrina (Marisa Tomei), a barge captain who, to put it mildly, has a difficult relationship with men, as she is a stalker. She seduces him, becomes the muse of his new success and… the rest we’ll find out by watching the movie when it comes out. Certainly a good result Rebecca Millerretiree’s wife Daniel Day Lewis and daughter of the great playwright Arthur Miller, who, however, unlike him, never ventured into comedy. Other actors she came to me I Evan Allison, Joanna Kulig AND Brian D’Arcy James.

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