Fur coat and guacamole. Nastya Kamenskikh told that she will cook for the New Year

Anna Zavgorodnyaya and Nastya Kamenskikh (Photo: https://t.me/nkofficial_tg)

The Ukrainian singer shared her New Year’s menu with interesting combinations with her followers on Instagram.

“New Year’s Eve is special in everything. Therefore, I decided to allow myself special food for my diet. This New Year, I really wanted to cook all those dishes that our mothers and grandmothers were preparing – herring under a fur coat, Olivier salad, salad with crab sticks, mashed potatoes with aspic, and horseradish. But I will also definitely cook Mexican dishes – my favorite sauce is guacamole and quesadillas with different fillings, ”said Nastya Kamenskikh.


The singer’s subscribers said in the comments that they would cook for the New Year, and Nastya Kamenskikh revealed the secrets of cooking her festive dishes on the Telegram channel.

Olivier salad and herring under a fur coat

Photo: https://t.me/nkofficial_tg

Guacamole and chicken quesadilla

Photo: https://t.me/nkofficial_tg

Dried fruit candies and chia pudding with applesauce

Photo: https://t.me/nkofficial_tg