Furniture from IKEA, here’s an eco-friendly room designed by Spanish artist Iñigo Gutiérrez.

Iñigo Studio: romantic, vintage and sustainable charm in collaboration with IKEA

Furniture with IKEA: The Swedish brand is launching a new creative project dedicated to the principles of sharing and sustainability. In recent years, we have faced the most diverse situations in the world: from the economic crisis to the global pandemic and climate change, which must be dealt with in many ways and with new and numerous initiatives. And one of them focuses on new conscious lifestyle starting from design: itbrand’s latest projectthat is 10 immersive rooms IKEA which represent the relevance of our world through the work of 10 designers from around the world, including Iñigo Studio, project of a young Spanish illustrator from Burgos. Iñigo Gutierrezwho from Japan tells all the details of a room in which West and East come together in a bohemian, romantic way, but above all, in the name of awareness and exchange.

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© Studio Inigo

In this house-workshop, Iñigo Studio emphasizes functional and minimalist style without giving up a decorative touch in the form of details. blende and frescoes.

Studio Iñigo: between tatami and paper shoji

Vasitsu” could be the name of a new trendy Japanese dish, but in fact they are called Tokyo houses in traditional stylewith the iconic grass-scented tatami floor and paper sliding doors. shoji. Iñigo Gutierrez lives in one of these small spaces.

“When I arrived in Japan, the real estate agent was surprised to see that I was so happy to live here. He told me that most young Japanese prefer modern apartments because they here remind them of their grandparents,” said Iñigo Gutierrez ad AD Spain from a Japanese apartment, where there is always a sense of community and exchange. “My landlady lives next door and she is a nice woman who calls me on the phone when it rains if my clothes are hanging outside. He also writes me a letter by hand once a month.”

All these little details influence the work of Inigo, a young illustrator who, after working for many years in the fashion industry, decided to move to the Land of the Rising Sun in search of inspiration and beauty. After years of illustrating for various media, Iñigo Studio is now also designing its own T-shirts. His latest adventure? Participation in a very interesting IKEA initiative.

There immersive room by Inigo it’s eclectic, is like a dance between modernity and tradition: “My goal was to bring together two worlds and styles that might seem opposite, but that I was sure could work together,” he tells us. On the one hand, let’s see studio-lab style, functional, minimalistic, with the right things. On the other hand, we find somewhat luxurious and ornamental style”.

© Studio Inigo

The collaboration between Iñigo Studio and IKEA creates an ever-changing art space. Pictured: MÅLA adhesive paper, RIGGA coat hanger, KNAGGLIG wooden crate and LOHALS rug.

OUR frescoes by Jean Cocteau at the Villa Santo Sospir and in blende belongingGuerlain Institute Christian Berard Here are some of the influences of this apartment, in which different styles and eras coexist: “I also wanted to give the project a slightly antique patina, which is reminiscent of those traditional houses in which you can see that time has passed.”

Studio Iñigo: two worlds meant to be exchanged

The room that Iñigo designed for IKEA is small and embodies Lifestyle small budget what can be seen in the decor. Combining different styles, the furniture conveys a romantic mood, warm vibes that refer to a sustainable future in which recycling and reuse is an expansion of space.

© Studio Inigo

The SUNNERSTA kitchenette is functional and indispensable. TILLREDA portable induction hob and RÅSKOG trolley.

Artwork that awakens the senses bohemian lifestyle and flexible, fully adapted to continuous change, which is reflected in a multifunctional space where you can work, relax, create and sleep in one space. For example, HEMNES bed can be turned into a zone relax and the table is also perfect as a buffet. No shortage of hangers for to hang a picture and gain height to save space. Even the walls can be decorated in different ways, such as frescoes.

“I painted the murals with black ink and Japanese calligraphy brushes.”shodo‘, with strokes and thick, fast strokes reminiscent of this type of calligraphy,” adds Iñigo.

Art and cuisine lovers will find in SUNNERSTA functional kitchen with steel worktop and wall shelf with storage drawers. L’RIGGA clothes hanger this is a universal thing that can be used not only for hanging clothes. For example, it can be used to showcase artwork or other creations, adding even more personality to the space.

L’Inigo’s favorite corner is a canopy sofa bed with a picture of Rape of Europe on the back wall: “I like the effect of the canopy, it kind of enlarges and ennobles the space. To keep things simple, we used used cotton fabric,” she says. “In addition, the drapery gives the bed a sense of privacy and cosiness.”

Another favorite corner of a creative is the one where mirror and wall lamp. “I made a fresco blende which recreates a fake fireplace and ornaments with a touch of baroque,” ​​says Inigo. “We wanted the project sustainable measurementso I tried to offer an alternative to buying and hoarding decorative items by painting them myself.”


Iñigo Gutiérrez of Iñigo Studio is designing one of 10 ‘immersive’ rooms from the latest © IKEA conscious lifestyle initiative from his apartment in Japan.

New philosophies inspiring a great paradox: the art of combining two worlds – and styles – to create a single space where, as in today’s world, we must always be ready for change.

Article published on AD Spainadapted by Paola Corazza.

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