“Fury, there were only four people holding him”

Can Yaman in a storm. Turkish actor accused by businesswoman while working on film “Purple Like the Sea 2”. Il Messaggero received a complaint from Barbara, the owner of a clothing store in Civita Castellana (in the province of Viterbo), where the Mediaset drama with a female protagonist is filming. Francesca Chillemi. According to the woman’s story, ex-boyfriend Diletta Leotta he allegedly attacked her because the music in her store, located near the set of the series, was too loud.

Can Yaman and the alleged attack in Civita Castellana

“He burst into the store and told me to turn off the music.” – said the shopkeeper. The volume being too high would make it difficult for the actors to concentrate on their lines. “The four of them had to restrain him because he wanted to attack me, he even kicked one of the people who tried to restrain him. I was very scared.”, continued. Apparently, the woman would not be able to do her job properly because of the crew.

“I complained about the situation to the municipality”

“My store is right where the filming took place. – the merchant explained, – That’s why I can’t accept clients from Monday. I also had no opportunity to receive parcels from couriers. I complained several times about the situation to the city administration and to production.” Thus, he directly demanded financial compensation for the damage suffered lost income for the week: “I have provided the option to show daily earnings because I have no intention of taking advantage of them.”

Francesca Chillemi’s intervention

“I entered the store early, at 7 am. I started cleaning. Once inside, I could not leave or receive clients. I was practically isolated. So I turned on the radio. Soon after, two people came in to ask me to turn it off. device”. At that moment he would be there aggressive intervention of a Turkish actor: “While I was speaking and politely explaining my reasons, Can Yaman burst in and verbally attacked me. There were four people holding him, I was scared.” He will think about reassuring her. Francesca Chillemi: “She calmed me down, she was very nice. He kept telling me, “Do it for me.”

Compensation of 600 euros was refused

After the attack, producers contacted the dealer and offered her compensation in the amount of 600 euros, which, however, was refused. “They tried to stop the attack with compensation. But without wanting to speculate on what happened, we must admit that not everything was organized for the better. – so the woman’s lawyer said – Leaving the traders without reinforcements for four days was incorrect. Just as it was wrong to offer compensation only after an accident. Among other things, at the end of the evening my client also discovered that the store shutter had been damaged, possibly by a kick.” So far, no announcements from production or Can Yaman.

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