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Future potential for Bitcoin and Cardano

Many users of the web currently agree with the fact that the future at an economic level can become very uncertain, especially if it is counted that every day cryptocurrencies are standing out as a trend that does not stop growing, in In this sense, these users have been forced to make decisions regarding what to do with the money.

Considering this, there are currencies that in their peculiar movements can suggest whether or not it is time to enter or exit, where one of them is the pioneer, the price of Bitcoin. It has been one of the most unpredictable roller coasters in history, leaving some in anguish and others in anticipation.

What will become of Bitcoin?

One of the things that greatly influences the resounding changes of this currency is the way in which the proportions of Bitcoin are distributed among users who have been constantly storing or making transactions, in an approximate, these are the distribution figures:

– Around 1633 addresses contain between 1000 to 10,000 BTC

– Around 121 addresses contain between 10,000 to 100,000 BTC

– Around 3 addresses contain between 100,000 to 1,000,000 BTC

Thus, the price of Bitcoin will inevitably have high volatility all the time, even if the users of these 3 directions have total understanding of the market, they will always look for a way to benefit the best possible from the escalations, and therefore its price will always be in an unknown that can be predicted briefly.

Another factor that can partly influence the price change are the decisions made by governments or small, medium and large companies, for reasons that, at a psychological level, the flow or movement of money is emotionally linked to the consent of each individual as to risk or shelter.

Being Bitcoin one of the currencies with the highest volatility, a large part of people prefer to avoid risks and in many cases they protect themselves, so the price of Bitcoin is directly affected by a mass decision, otherwise, the price rises to conflicting reasons.


As for the limitation, you have a current circulating supply of 18,590,300 Bitcoins and a maximum supply of 21,000,000, and this limit is hard-coded in the Bitcoin protocol and cannot be changed, which may be an advantage for some and a disadvantage for others, the truth is that its demand will increase when it reaches its peak.

Going down the red carpet

Even if Bitcoin stands out among all the existing cryptocurrencies in the market, there are some others that can demonstrate high potential with a lower level of volatility, interesting future projects and remarkable technologies for smart contracts between organizations in order to advance with health, safety and even transportation, this currency that is talked about is nothing more than Cardano.

As mentioned before, the price of Cardano at the volatility level it is completely different from Bitcoin, since first and foremost it is between $ 2.88, and secondly, its potential is based on supporting smart contracts with potential implementation in the traceability and governance of the supply chain.

What will become of Cardano?

Many experts predicted that, before long, the price of Cardano would reach $ 3, and it was fulfilled, which may turn out to be quite a big step for what its followers and investors are looking for for the future established smart contracts, on all if it recently hit an all-time high of $ 3.11.

On the other hand, it has already been established that for the date of September 12 a hard fork is scheduled that can completely change the results of this currency, in addition, that there are people betting for what will become the smart contract for the date of October 1 of this year.


Regardless of what may happen in the future, there is no doubt that the significance that these two currencies have achieved in the short time of their circulation has generated greater impacts than the economies of many countries could have caused in decades. history, just because of this there are high expectations for the future.

Everything will depend mainly on the different economic factors worldwide for Bitcoin, and for Cardano it will depend on the approval of the agreed agreements.

Tammy Sewell is our Writer and Social at OICanadian.com. Tammy loves sports, she writes our celebrities news. She spends time browsing through several celebs news sources as well the Instagram. Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 513-209-1700

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