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Today, there are people in the hallways of the U.S. Congress talking about the existence of UFOs, which is just stupid. To say that 85 years ago on October 30, 1938, a group of alien elites landed in a desolate place is simply nonsense. Read: Leonard Padula, Baseball Made Him the Author He Today

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our dance program to update you on breaking news from Intercontinental Radio (…) I have to announce some important news to you. As unbelievable as it may seem, both scientific observation and the most obvious realities compel us to believe that the strange creatures that landed in rural Jersey tonight are the vanguard of an invading army from Mars.

After twelve million people in the United States heard this radio message, countless panics, robberies, and shootings occurred. There was no 911 yet, but the phones kept coming with calls for help and reports of aliens attacking gas stations. But it’s all a scam.This was a great feat in radio for the young broadcaster Orson Welles, who would later become one of the most recognized directors in the film industry with his films Citizen Kane.

The narrative of the fake Martian invasion was so good that it fooled everyone. It was all part of the imagination of an intellectual genius who put the script for The War of the Worlds, written by the British novelist HG Wells, into radio form.

Orson Welles recounts the night that paralyzed the nation.

When a genius tires of his monotonous surroundings, he often ends his life, writes a bad book, or falls into the vices of show business. But when boredom with everyday life condenses and creates something, it gives humanity the unforgettable art of irony. It brings the lie to a climax, causes no harm, and is a lot of fun. It happened to Gabriel García Márquez and Ruben Blades, but with a smaller dose of horror than Welles’s 1938 dose.

Cesar Guerra Valdes

Sociologist and renowned Nicaraguan poet César Guerra Valdés gained recognition in the mid-20th century for his raw, authentic and avant-garde prose. Because of his wayward spirit, he was often expelled from his own country, but his rebellious behavior went down in history as it echoed in the hearts of the entire unconquered continent. But Guerra is neither tall, stylized, or introverted. Guerra Valdés never existed and this whole paragraph is pure talk.

The poet is one of the many rich derivatives of harmful things. The idea was conceived during a taciturn evening at Apollo Park in the El Cabrero neighborhood by Héctor Rojas Herazo, Gabriel García Márquez and Gustavo Ibarra Merlano.

Three writers and journalists in 1948 genericOver the next few months, Guerra Valdés appeared in interviews, profiles, news and even opinion columns about him, who took the joke to the highest level.Gabo even described his physique and the wonder of his visit to the city new paragrapha space where he writes about culture, poetry and literature; Rojas Herazo praises Nicaraguans for their “excellent” poetry in Telón de Fondo.

The wisdom of this invention is so rich that even two poems, Important prayer for my brother and An invitation to the Almightyfrom Neruda’s Leather, was published under the authority of then-editor Clemente Manuel Zabala. generic.

For Guerra Valdez, the boredom of three night owls did not end in finding kisses or throwing bottles at Ratnaza’s walls, but in creating an alter ego that condensed their intellectual, Social and political concerns. A few years later, these men exiled Gabo to Mexico.

Medoro wood

Always with his Yere hat and the traces of his recently extinguished cigar, traces of Cuban identity surround him. This is Medoro Madera, one of the most characteristic voices of the son of Santiago, Compay Segundo and Ibrahim Ferrer. Ibrahim Ferrer’s hometown. In his throat was the sound of a Cuban trio popping rum corks by remote control.

Although Medoro never sang there, his profile was as good as any singer at the Buena Vista Social Club. The old man from the Cuban mountains who remembered Polo Montañez did not exist.

The song was written in the 1980s by Rubén Blades, who had an impressive voice that forced his massive vocal chords to sing like another is not a My name is so-and-so, but only those with such immense talent can afford the construction of another artist. The same school as Michael Jordan and Sinatra.

Medoro and Guerra Valdes are genius alter egos who prefer generosity to caution and Apollonianness.

Medoro wood. This is the title of the Panamanian salsa singer’s album, which was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2018 for Best Traditional Tropical Album. Seven songs performed by Blade that even the most fanatical person wouldn’t recognize without knowing this side of him; but who is the green-eyed old man on the cover?A computer construction that blends the face of the singer’s father, Rubén Blades Bosques, with that of the translator Decisions, Love and Control and Pedro Navaja.

Medoro Madeira album cover (2018).

They say that when the audience asked Boulez to sing “una de Medoro Madera” at a concert, the “salsa intellectual” not only changed his voice, but also his mannerisms and gestures, as if something Something possessed him. A miracle.

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