Gabriel Guevara talks about the sex scenes he filmed with Nicole Wallace on the set of Is It My Fault?

director domingo gonzalez, Is it my fault? (“Kulpa Mia”) is the most watched (non-English language) movie in Prime Video history. The film hit the platforms on June 8 and is based on a trilogy of books Mercedes Ron, The film centers on a headstrong girl, Noah, who is forced by her mother to marry a rich man. Noah falls in love with his wayward half-brother and the pair have a forbidden relationship.

with their characters, Nicole Wallace And Gabriel Guevara He is the protagonist of an intense love story that captivated the masses. In a recent interview with GQ, Gabriel Guevara talked about the intimate scenes he shot with Nicole Wallace on the set of the film: «I took everything in stride. It is true that the first few times you get more nervous, but then you realize what you have to do, that there is a team behind you, that someone is responsible. Everything was very well controlled. We have privacy coordinators who made Nicole and I feel comfortable at all times. It’s always been a great environment with Nicole and a lot of respect. Before working on Kulpa Maya, we knew each other from Scam and though we didn’t have visuals as such, the trust was already there between us. Usually sex scenes can be chill, but I tried my best to make it funnier.”

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