Gabriel Soto to suspend performances due to health reasons

MEXICO CITY, August 14 (EL UNIVERSAL) – Gabriel Soto will be on extended leave for health reasons; the 48-year-old actor wants to avoid surgery, here’s what he’s doing in the matter Because he has been working for three years, he has not been able to get the rest he deserves, so now he has been diagnosed with two hernias in two cervical vertebrae, and he is receiving drugs and other treatments to avoid going to the operating room.

Soto, who has been working on one TV project after another for Televisa, admitted a few weeks ago that he takes pride in his appearance, which remains in remarkably good shape despite the fact that he is turning 50 soon. Some people on the Internet have criticized him for showing gray hair and wrinkles, and he believes that these details will appear over time, which is a normal phenomenon.

In an interview with ‘El godo y la flaca’, Gabriel Soto spoke for the first time about health issues that will keep him away from the small screen for a while, as he hasn’t stopped for the past three years, And it has wreaked havoc on his health, which he intends to prioritize.

“I have two cervical hernias so I’m going through medication and a lot of avoiding surgery. Let’s just say it’s not going to be easy and simple and I’m fully confident I’ll get out of it and hopefully with the medication and therapy I’m going through the treatment I’m having , I can move on and recover very quickly,” he said.

Soto plans to go all in and rest after not doing so since 2021, even with holidays like Christmas and New Years, so he’ll be down and out of focus for a few months: “I don’t have a holiday or Christmas New year or something, so right now I do need to dedicate myself to myself, first for my health and now for everything in my life, right now I do have a short break for a few months and I’ll be back soon, I Will take a break, not because I want to, but because my body has asked me to, and my health is deteriorating,” he explained.

Cervical disc herniation is the result of displacement of a part of the disc that compresses the spinal cord or nerve roots and, if left untreated, can lead to the need for surgery.

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