Gabriela Trenchi makes heartbreaking audio after being admitted to same hospital as Silvina Luna: ‘I feel like I’m still going on’

heartbreaking health condition Gabriela TrenchOne of Anibal Lotocki’s denouncers made the tragic death of Mariano Caprarola and the complications facing Silvina Luna two months into the hospital all the more shocking. In the past few hours, an audio clip of the celebrity has been leaked, in which she details her complicated state.

Why Gabriella Trench, Another Anibal Lotocki Victim, Was Hospitalized

Gabriela Trench’s health deteriorated and she had to be admitted to the Italian hospital where Silvina Luna was.

Gabriela TrenchCondemnation of the practice of doctor Aníbal Lotocki, recently hospitalized with health complications. In Ciudad Magazine’s Mañanísima program, the media shared her testimony in a heartbreaking exchange with Estefi Berardi.

Heartbreaking audio from Gabriela Trenchi’s hospital stay

In your message, Gabriela Trench Expressed the physical and emotional discomfort that plagued her. “I don’t feel well. I try to answer everyone’s questions,” he said first, adding: “Psychiatrists forbid me to call and forbid me to see doctors.”

The famous case was serious because she had gastrointestinal complications from taking a lot of medication. The complainant disclosed that she suffered from “drug-induced gastroenteritis” and needed to see a specialist.

“Because of taking too much medicine, my intestines are not good”, announced. “I had to see a specialist because I had gastroenteritis from medication and I had to go to the dentist,” he said with concern.

Additionally, he mentioned that he has been suffering from panic attacks due to recent events affecting his mental health. “I was panicking because of what happened with Mariano and Silvina. I felt like I was still going,” he admitted.

“For all the victims who are going through this kind of pain, three or four years is nothing. They are not serious injuries, but very serious injuries”, he said of Anibal Lotocki. Indicates the punishment received.

There is no doubt that the emotional and physical impact Gabriella Trench suffered left her in a vulnerable state. At the same time, it is necessary to see through what channels the complaint against Anibal Lotocki was made.

Silvina Luna’s family’s known biggest fear: ‘Everything is a risk’

Silvina Luna has tested positive for coronavirus in the past few hours and remains in isolation in the intensive care unit of an Italian hospital.

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