Gabriela Trenchi’s heartbreaking testimony to Aníbal Lotocki: ‘I lost my life’

Gabriela Trench direction Hannibal Lotocki with your partner, Maria Jose Favalon in the show marianne’s diary (USA) and talked about his fragile health condition.The textile businesswoman denounced him in 2015 Actions are different than what they were scheduled for This left him with several sequels, from which he still can’t recover.

In recent weeks, Trench has been hospitalized with heart problems. stomach trouble Produced by a drug he takes every day to relieve pain caused by an alleged cause bad practice from the doctor.This Wednesday, in conversation with the show Mariana Fabianitargeting the girlfriend of the controversial surgeon.

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The businesswoman detailed her health and targeted Anibal Lotocki’s girlfriend. (Video: USA)

“There were no invoices in the procedure Lotocki did. Imagine if he worked in the dark, he didn’t have any bills. All he knows is he’s getting hot, mixed with fat’, said. “This causes the body to boil, bringing not only granulomas (which are the mildest of them), but other autoimmune diseases as well. They are very serious injuries that can lead to death’, he continued in the interview.

The textile businesswoman also spoke about her fragile health: “my defense is low I have had CT scans and studies for 15 days at the Italian Hospital in Los Arcos. I live with a general surgeon so thank god I can be home.I have a acute gastroenteritis and a drug-induced gingivitis; I can’t work, and that’s the worst thing, because this man has already cost me a lot: my apartment… ; i lost my lifeI’ve traveled, I’ve lived a very healthy life, but today I find myself in these states that are not life.”

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As for Anibal Lotocki, he said: “I was outraged when I heard what this lady said, at least no one threatened them with death. I don’t want to see him dead, I want to see him imprisoned. The kids have nothing to do with this and I won’t mess with the kids because they shouldn’t be responsible for their own dad. “

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