Gabriele Muccino, director of the protagonist of the film “The Last Kiss” at the Marine Film Festival in Castiglione il Tirreno

Director Gabriele Muccino is the first guest of the Primorsky Film Festival, which this year will also host actresses Valeria Golino (tomorrow) and Isabella Ferrari (Tuesday) in Castiglione della Pescaia. And other surprises may come in the coming days, even if there is no confirmation from the organizers at the moment.

Building on the recent success of two seasons of Sky’s “A casa tutti bene” (with a third expected in 2024), Muccino arrives today at 19:00 in Orto del Lilly (Via della Liberta) to give an interview to the press. journalist Piera Detassis, President of the Academy of Italian Cinema – David di Donatello Prize.

At 9.30 pm, Cinema Castello will screen his 2020 film The Most Beautiful Years with Pierfrancesco Favino, Michaela Ramazzotti, Kim Rossi Stewart and Claudio Santamaria. Muccino presents it in the hall together with director Giovanni Veronesi, artistic director of the Primorsky Film Festival. “The Best Years” follows the personal lives of four friends from adolescence to adulthood over the course of approximately forty years, from the early 1980s to the present day, between private facts and major historical events that intertwine. It is one of the Roman director’s successful films, despite the unfortunate coincidence that it was released a few days after the first lockdown that closed theaters.

Gabriele Muccino enters cinematography after dropping out of his university studies in literature and enrolling in a director’s course at the Cinecitta Center for Experimental Cinematography without graduating. His first experience behind the camera is in television: he shoots a short documentary program “Ultimo minuto” on Rai3. His documentary spirit then takes him to Africa, between Tanzania and Kenya. He made his film debut in 1998 with the film “Ecco fatto”; after directing several well-known commercials, the following year he had success with “Come No One Ever”, a teenage portrait of some boys in a Roman high school. “The Last Kiss” in 2001 is his dedication: the film stays in theaters for half a year and wins him the David di Donatello award for directing (in 2010 he will also direct the sequel “Kiss Me Again”). In the period from 2006 to 2008, films of the American period, born as a result of collaboration with Will Smith as an actor and producer, The Pursuit of Happyness and Seven Souls, were released, and in 2012 – the comedy What I Know About Love with Gerard Butler and Uma Thurman not as successful. After returning to Italy, films such as “L’estate addosso” in 2015 and “A casa tutti bene” in 2018 from which the serial project was born.

The day of the festival already starts at 5.30 pm with the showing of the Mauro Mancini and Guido Parigi Prizes in the Italo Calvino Library: Alessio Brizzi presents them together with the students of the Youth Editor. Meetings at Orto del Lilly and daytime screenings are free, while evening screenings at Cinema Castello cost €3.50 at the Cinema Revolution fare (book on A detailed program can be found at

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