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Words Morgan during the Selinunte show, they caused a deep response not only on social networks: the singer-songwriter, no stranger to various kinds of headshots, blurted out to the audience on stage (guilty of asking him to sing Battiato songs, given that the evening was dedicated to a Sicilian artist) and grew into homophobic insults against the viewer. Morgan immediately apologized for his words, but the questions that many are asking go beyond the fact itself: given the obligations that await the singer, who will judge on X Factor and that he also had television commitments on Paradise (which, however, had already been flaunted, stating AdnKronos that I have no contracts with Morgan), what will be his future now?

Morgan has already met in the past disappear part in Sanremo due to an interview: it was 2010, Morgan defined cocaine as an “antidepressant” and was canceled from the 60th festival, in which he was supposed to participate with the song “La Sera”.

Paradise aside, here’s the point. X – Factora talent show in which Morgan, one of the most successful and representative judges, returns this year: we remind you that in 2018 Morgan’s ex-wife, Asia Argento, was fired from her position as a judge due to allegations of sexual assault brought against her by actor Jimmy Bennett. In fact, in those days, the New York Post reported on the existence of an economic agreement between Asia and Bennett to keep the news from leaking.

Thus, for the X Factor, the Morgan case could be one of corn with a string of precedents: Matteo Bobbi and Davide Valsecchi, Sky Sport commentators, were suspended a few months ago for sexist jokes live during communication, the same fate in England, advertising Andy Graya famous radio commentator was always fired for sexist phrases directed at a female linesman. And only on X Factor, but in New Zealand, there were two judges. fired on the spot for bullying a competitor.

Waiting to see what happens between them Morgan and the X FactorLet’s brush up on the precedents of dismissals of public figures in Italy and in the world due to gaffes, bad taste or real crimes.

Gaffes and dismissals on television: Italian cases

Don’t go too far in the past: in recent years, thanks to increased sensitivity (vivaddio) to certain issues, there have been many big names on television who have found themselves in a quandary because of some dubious statements, and often it was not enough to run for cover .

Each situation is unique and on the basis of the justice of various “censorships” everyone can form – and has already formed – his own idea of ​​it. We are limited to one general overview of errors and dismissals.

Beppe Bigazzi and succulent cats

In 2010, a journalist and culinary specialist. Beppe Bigazzi (disappeared in 2019) was suspended from work in La Cook test for donating a recipe for cat stew, which he says was a delicacy from Valdarno in the 1930s and 1940s. Excluded from the program run by Elisa Isoardi at the time, he then defended himself by stating that at that time cats were eaten out of hunger and that he did not recommend doing so today.

Paola Perego and women of the East

In 2017, Paola Perego closed the program on Rai1. let’s talk on saturdayafter the broadcast list scandal: six points explaining why a bride from Eastern Europe was preferable to an Italian. Rumors like “they get back in shape immediately after giving birth” and “they are ready to let their man lead” were definitely too much.

Remiga’s memo and the long arm

The latest scandal Memo Remiga: Milanese singer who returned to the spotlight after participating in Dancing with the Stars who emphasized his fantastic state of form (given his age, 85), then “slipped” on the Rai1 afternoon’s live broadcast scandal. Regular guest on Serena Bortone’s program Today is another dayduring the throw, the singer slid his hand from his hip to his butt Jessica Morlacchihow he fixed the guest in the program. Memo was removed from the Rai program and never even appeared on La7 again, Live propaganda.

Sports journalists and gaffes

The list is long here: we have already told you about two Sky reporters who, during a transfer from Barcelona to the Formula 1 circuit, let themselves go. to the comments below passerby and they were put aside; Rai also has no shortage of such cases, the latest of which occurred with the commentators of the women’s synchronized trampolining final in Fukuoka World CupLorenzo Leonarduzzi and Massimiliano Mazzucchi, who after comments like “The Dutch are big” but “They’re all the same height in bed”, were in turn suspended.

Reality TV Head

Here is also a list runs the risk of becoming very longespecially as major reality shows change their exclusion policy from year to year: however, the taboo on blasphemywhich results in an immediate exception.

He did not have time to enter the game on Gf Vip Richard SheetsDr. Toscanaccio and the former Pooh, this blasphemy cost him his stay in the Chamber: the same fate befell Silvano Michettithe historical founder and guitarist of Cugini di Campagna, expelled for blasphemy as soon as he arrived on Famosi Island.

A more thorny story for a boxer Clement Russoexpelled from Gf Vip because in the midst of an evening of intimate revelations with a colleague in the game Stefano Bettarini he made several indecent suggestions about feminicide (“I’d leave her dead in bed,” referring, among other things, to a hypothetical betrayal by his friend’s ex-wife). Simon Ventura, who immediately threatened legal action). Bettarini was then pardoned, he got off with a reprimand, but karma ruined him: in 2020, he returned to the House of Representatives only to be kicked out after a few days for a curse.

The list is objectively long: remember the last Fausto Lealithe great fame of Italian music, killed by Big Brother Veep (again in 2020) for using the N-word “goliardically” with fellow playmate Enoch Balotelli.

International Gaffes: Tweets, Headlines, and…Hands

Even outside our home there are scandals, far from it: in America there is no sacred monster of cinema or television who cares, they know something about it Kevin Spacey or Johnny Deppexcluded from the lists of majors for personal reasons (in both cases, very serious, it should be emphasized).

But we also remember Roseanne Barr’s fiery tweetsshe’s cute Rosie from the sitcom Pappa and Chicchawhich was canceled by the channel that aired it after its lead actress identified “monkey” Valerie Jarrett, former Obama administration official.

And how not to quote Charlie Sheennoisy protagonist of the series Two men and a halfwho in 2011 managed to be kicked out of his series, one of the most watched in the history of the United States, for anti-Semitic slurs against none other than the creator of the series, Chuck Lorre

He disappeared from the radar for months, only to tiptoe back to promote a big film about slavery: Will Smithfavorite translator of many blockbusters, raised his hand to the presenter at the 2022 Oscars, Chris Rock, after a joke about his wife Jade’s shaved head. This cruel gesture on live television cost him his participation in the following year’s ceremony and, apparently, his disappearance from the cast of any production company’s films. His last film is indeed Emancipation is beyond freedomproduced by Apple TV, which, however, was already released in 2022.

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