Gaia Giras: “Acting is an outlet valve”

“I started great friend At age 13, experiences emotional ups and downs: periods of euphoria and periods of fog. Today I feel I have found balance” believes the young actress – who is also starring in good mothers» – who will be honored in Taormina in July: “Sometimes I thought about leaving”

Noor, as a child she did not impose on her parents He suddenly finds out. no more, she didn’t dream of becoming an actress, “I was ashamed of everything. If I had to ask for a glass of water, I would cry… In the future I imagined myself in a supermarket: I had a plastic case and my favorite game was to hit the keys and “issue” the receipts given to me. The lady at the shop next door ». Gaia Giras talks about herself via video call from London, where she is diligently improving her English (“Single lesson in the morning, various courses in the afternoon – cooking, sewing – talking and expanding vocabulary”).

set magic

But that little girl today – not even twenty years old yet – is an established interpreter, who In July they will receive the Thinking Green Award Next Generation in Nations Award in Taormina, He gave face to intense Leela in three seasons great friend, from the novel by Elena Ferrante; Lee Garofalo’s victim’s daughter good mothers (Awarded the Series Award at the last Berlin Film Festival)

and for the terrifying Caterina de Medici in the French miniseries diana de poitiersIsabelle Adjani in the title role and Gérard Depardieu as Nostradamus. “What a feeling! I have played the role of a queen in different phases of my life and have also gone horse riding (laughs), We shot in palaces with luxurious clothes.

Does clothing help?
Absolutely! Together with makeup and hairstyle, it gives you proper posture. It’s on set that I really get into the characters: I study them deeply for months, but during rehearsals I feel like I’m doing a play. The magic of recognition happens with “Siak”.

Was it chosen after auditions?
No, director (Josie Dayan, Ed) saw me in great friend And had ordered: “I want him”.

and summarized by Wim Wenders, future together,
No audition there either.

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Adjani praised

did you know that isabelle adjani interviewed io woman – Did you call him a “wonderful coworker”?
Mamma Mia, how beautiful! I felt the pressure of being part of such an important cast, it was my first time acting in a foreign language. Instead they were nice, they supported me a lot.

Adjani said that she admires the mental fortitude you girls have to show to walk this path.
This of course requires strength, almost rigidity. On one side there is competition, there is competition; On the other hand, judgment is hidden. Anyone on a social network considers himself authorized to say whatever he wants. Yes, I’m on Instagram – it’s essential now – but I don’t use it regularly. You must have the character to endure and maintain the right distance. luckily i have an advantage

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“I Skipped Steps”

In what ways?
Starting at the age of thirteen with a project as important as Ferrante’s stories (an extraordinary and very rare occurrence!), I had already experienced the emotional ups and downs of that time. There were periods of euphoria and there were periods of blurriness: I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I didn’t know if it was right or not. I concluded: “I will stop”. When I was on set every day, my life was a hundred years old, and when I was at home, without any goals, it was zero: filming did not allow me to go to regular high school. had opted for science), classmates to know about myself… Now I can balance

I understood that I wanted to continue in this profession, but I needed – perhaps more than anything else – my personal dimension. Which means not working all the time and, when I do work, coming home as soon as possible, maybe for the weekend. The world of entertainment – ​​full of glitz, full of people – may draw you in, but as soon as the spotlight turns off, you are left alone. Empty. After skipping the stages, there are parts of me that are a bit more childish than I haven’t encountered since adolescence. I accept them, Amen.

How was the passion born?
At first it was not a “passion”. Being a reclusive, shy person (who never talks), I felt the need to express myself and had the intuition to try it through acting. I enrolled in a school – La Ribalta – in Castellamare di Stabia and I started attending as a hobby. tryouts coming soon great friend: It was the production coach who trained me for several months. Performing frees me: It’s my way of bringing things to the fore. I still can’t let off steam and that’s my decompression valve

“My Meatballs with Gravy!”

Isn’t a shy actress a paradox?
I know it sounds absurd, but I can’t stand being the center of attention: if three people look at me at the same time, I turn purple and start stammering (Laughs embarrassedly), Instead, in the role of the other, I automatically become him. The set is a safe place: I feel understood, not criticized, after all we’re working towards a common outcome. Out of the comfort zone, alas, I remain the shyest person in the world.

Gaia Giras in Sunflowers, Catrinelle Marlon’s directorial debut, in theaters soon. play as a schizophrenic girl

All are named Gaia, really not?
No no, I’m Sunny! Openness, warm to friends, I like to invite them to dinner (I decided to live alone as soon as I turned 18)

Yes! I love experimenting with oriental cuisine, but if I have guests over, I choose a traditional dish: meatballs with gravy! I choose dishes that don’t force me to cook, let me enjoy the company.

How do you imagine yourself in twenty years?
Mom, first of all, and always in this area. I don’t know if I will continue to live in Naples or move out.

2023. A scene from The Good Mothers. Gaia Girasse with Mikaela Ramazzotti

guidance in the future

When will we see him on screen again?
I have to go out Sunflower By Catrinelle Marlon, set in a psychiatric hospital: I’m a schizophrenic who falls in love with a girl. I was inspired by an animal to find the character my coach suggested

Which one?
a tarantula (Smile), Because there is a reference to anthropologist Ernesto De Martino’s research on “tarantolets”: the women found insane “due to spider bites”, were in fact very healthy.

Marlon is the first actress behind the camera. Do you ever think of directing?
It’s a bit early, although I wouldn’t mind: already I don’t limit myself to following instructions, I like to create scenes together with the director.

His role model?
Vanessa Scalera and Pierfrancesco Favino, for their madcap studies of body and accent. how do you do this? I say teach me! Abroad, I would mention Anya Taylor-Joy. These names are a guarantee of quality.

destiny fatalism

Have you said more yeses or more noes since you started?
not anymore! (laughs) I am selective, I prefer different roles that make me grow, improve, give me new experiences. I have to push, I have to challenge. But there’s also some “no’s” that I get, eh

And what is his reaction to the failed hearing?
depends on. In some cases it happened that I breathed a sigh of relief: “Fiuu, thank God they didn’t catch me!” (laughs), If they see: “The language isn’t perfect”, that’s okay: I know what I have to improve. If they conclude (and this often happens): “Very good, unfortunately too small”… Well, I can’t help it, there’s no growth serum to inject! Be patient, there will be other opportunities too. I look at it this way: Everything happens for a reason. Or rather: whatever happens can be an opportunity.

Fate fatalism?
Probably yes… fatalism certainly manifests itself in being superstitious. For example, when I audition, nobody needs to know anything.

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